Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Okay, I'll Consider Ukraine Again

A great story that will likely never make it to the Western mainstream. Note the difference in titles:

From ChinaSmack (Eastern viewpoint, includes pictures of said wife): "Chinese Man’s Life with Beautiful Ukrainian Wife Envied" - http://www.chinasmack.com/2014/stories/chinese-mans-life-with-beautiful-ukrainian-wife-envied.html

From BloombergView (Western viewpoint, hides pictures of wife not mentioned in title in link): "China's Lost Generation Finds Itself in Ukraine" - http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2014-12-15/chinas-lost-generation-finds-itself-in-ukraine

Monday, December 22, 2014

Primal Seduction: First Impressions

After reading this book and other materials like it, the big question is, is it worth the high price tag?

The short answer: no.

Don't get me wrong, the book is worth more than nothing. The section on mindsets is its most unique, but the obvious action plan for changing your mindsets is one you likely already know if you've consumed other materials: approaching, and thus using positive reference experiences to change said mindsets.

Also, outside the section on mindsets, the book isn't as thorough as other materials. For instance, if you want to learn Daygame, the Daygame Blueprint video series is an order of magnitude better than what this book offers.

Even the mindsets section isn't that unique. Some of it is similar to what Mark Manson covers in "Models: Attract Women Through Honesty." Given that the writer's website is called AuthenticPUA, I suppose the overlap should have been obvious.

I suppose this gets back to who you should learn Game from. While a relatively young, tall, good-looking white guy (such as the author) can teach you about Game, it's really no surprise that guys without those qualities - but similar results (such as the creators of Daygame Blueprint) - are better teachers.

Friday, December 19, 2014

For My Non-Western Readers

For some reason, Westerners (and particularly Americans) are regarded as wealthy by the rest of the world. While it is true that disposable incomes are higher in the West than most of the rest of the world, sadly, most of what Westerners put on is a front (in other words, the wealth you see is actually fake). This American TV commercial puts it best, with some good humor:

Sadly, I can verify from personal experience that the above commercial is truer than one might think. I should know; I pretty much grew up in said neighborhoods. These people seemed to be rich, but would then complain about the increase in gas prices. Obviously, that didn't make sense, since gas is a small portion of most Americans' budgets. But the fact that such a small increase could cause such headaches betrayed how sensitive their budgets really were.

"There Is No Point Telling Other People Your Goals"

Why? Because everyone is hoping you'll fail:


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Just overheard at work

American 8 female: "Do you have Instagram?"

Bitches always be fishin for beta male orbiters.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A New Weekly Schedule

For some reason, I keep coming home from work, wondering what I'm supposed to do (once the usual errands are done). It's time to set some goals and schedules for the first half of 2015 (before I leave for Poland):

1) Learn Polish
2) Make location-independent income (to supplement my retirement income and to have something to do)
3) Lift to the point that it looks like I lift, even with my shirt on
4) Develop r-selected Daygame ability (would rather flip girls from r-selected to K-selected than the other way around)
5) Improve bass-playing ability
6) Develop efficient online dating ability

Weekday schedule:
5a-8a - Lift, or on rest days, Work on location-independent income
8a-5p - Work
5p-8p - Daygame
8p-9p - Learn Polish, Cook
9p-5a - Sleep

Weekend schedule (if not traveling):
Saturday morning - Errands, must-dos, Learn Polish
Saturday afternoon - Daygame
Saturday evening - Work on location-independent income
Sunday morning - Leftover errands, must-dos, Learn Polish
Sunday afternoon - Play bass
Sunday evening - Text Daygame leads, Do efficient online dating (for practicing that and date Game)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Is (Insert Behavior Here) Beta?

Answer and thus note to myself:

If you have to ask, then it is, at least for you. Remember, I don't give a fuck = alpha.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Don't Trust Me

I read this morning that Andy Moore of Daygame.com had confirmed that Tom Torero (formerly of Daygame.com) had faked a "kiss-close" video (details here: http://daygame.com/cafe/index.php/topic,6196.0.html). Regardless of whether it's true or not (seems to be), the more important question is:
What does this mean to me?

The answer: something you should've known already - don't trust anything on the Internet 100%, not even me. Most importantly, verify for yourself as much as possible. Here's the application:

Not sure whether the Daygame.com method will work?
Honestly try it.

Not sure whether blue-pill dating strategies will work?
Honestly try them (though you probably already did).

Not sure whether red-pill dating strategies will work?
Again, honestly try them.

Not sure whether girls in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, or South America are better than Western ones?
Once again, honestly try them.

Now, as Tom Torero said, "less talk, more action!"

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More Evidence That Looking for a Good Woman in the West is Like Looking for a Needle in a Haystack

Anecdote 1: The Failure of Return of Queens
Interesting that the site "Return of Queens" has now become "Kings & Queens". An excerpt from their new About page:

What I witnessed, and what has shaped my opinion on why RoQ is not effective and will not ever be is that:

1) Women don’t care enough about themselves to want to become better women.  Not all mind you, but most.  There were only a small handful of women who came to the site who actually seemed interested in becoming more feminine, more supportive of men, or embracing their natural gender roles.  Too many women parroted the social justice warrior and feminist talking points.

Anecdote 2: Why My Friend Who Bangs His Co-Workers, Subordinates, & Roommates is Successful With Girls:
It's classic IDGAF (I don't give a fuck) Alpha-male behavior and mindsets that most Western women find irresistible - mostly because the culture excuses them from resisting. Logically, of course, banging your co-workers, subordinates, and roommates is a bad idea, due to the potential consequences involved. Obviously, however, for him to fly in the face of that, is indeed IDGAF.

Once again, red pill hypotheses explain what purple and blue pill hypotheses don't.

While my friend has been engaged in this behavior for years, it's only with the red pill that I understand why it's happening.

Monday, December 8, 2014

An Explanation for Roosh's #1 Travel Tip?

Here's a possible explanation for why Roosh's tip to go to places where you don't look like the locals helps:

r-selection hindbrain: "This person of the opposite sex does not look like me, and therefore is unlikely to be related to me. I feel attraction."

This stands in contrast to:

K-selection hindbrain: "This person of the opposite sex looks like me, and therefore must be a member of the tribe. I feel comfort."

Of course, as anyone in the manosphere will tell you, looks aren't everything. But considering that most guys lean on the K-selection side (at least without Game), having an external factor (your look) help with the r-selection side may be worth some investment. That usually means relocating, since most folks are born in a place where they look like everyone else around them.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Other Things I'm Going to Do in Retirement

Playing music:
Holy cow, I keep forgetting that I really used to be into playing music before I became a fully blue-pill beta male wage slave. Looking forward to playing stuff like this again:

Add cycling, skiing, golfing, longboarding, and playing golf.

Fuck yeah.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Purpose in the Manosphere

Could Agent Smith from the Matrix have been saying the below about the manosphere?

We're not here because we're free; we're here because we're not free. There's no escaping reason, no denying purpose, for as we both know, without purpose we would not exist. It is purpose that created us, purpose that connects us, purpose that pulls us, that guides us, that drives us; it is purpose that defines us, purpose that binds us.

And of course, purpose = reproduction, as Agent Smith demonstrates through his virus clones, and as Neo demonstrates by defending humanity.

(I was going to link to the video, but upon watching it, I think it actually distracts from the message.)

The Difference Between a Girlfriend and a Wife

Marriage is a business contract, for the purpose of raising kids. You must not let your feelings get involved. You must be ruthlessly logical, primarily to protect your kids, and secondarily to protect yourself. Accept that you may fail though, and be prepared for divorce if necessary.

If feelings are what you're looking for, then you're looking for a girlfriend, at most. Best not to convert a girlfriend of this type into a wife though - the basis of marriage should be logic, not feelings.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Western Men: Not Sex-Deprived, but Feminity-Deprived

If you really think about it, Western men aren't sex-deprived. Of course, the amount of non-prostitute sex he gets depends on his status within the sliding alpha-beta scale, but at worst, he could resort to prostitution. No, what Western men are looking for is something different. Patrice O'Neal attempts to describe that here with Howard Stern (listen for the first three minutes):

The word he's looking for is femininity. I'll admit, when I first heard this clip, I couldn't describe what he was saying either. Now, with a scout trip to Eastern Europe under my belt, it's pretty obvious that that's the word.

What these revelations point to is how removed Western men are from experiencing femininity. Think about it: if sex were the only deficit for Western men, they'd be fine having sex with any pretty much anything, including their own hand. But these things aren't feminine, and that's why they're unhappy.

Tallinn, Estonia: First Impressions

After coming from Kiev, Tallinn is obviously a drop in quality. Less makeup, more hipster, and fewer heels. These I expected, but it's always good to confirm what some random guys on the Internet say. There are more blondes here, but even my hind-brain gives the advantage to the hard-working Kiev girls over the few blondes who actually dress up here. Spotted a few fatties and skrillex haircuts too, another notable drop from Kiev. It's Saturday here though, which as I understand may mean day-trippers from Helsinki, coming over here for the cheaper shopping. I probably got IOIs at the same rate at Poznan, but those girls put more effort in, in my opinion - or at least they prefer the classy look over the hipster one.

As a result, the plan I discussed in my previous post still stands. Still want to hit the spots I mentioned in another post, especially the coffee-growing region of Columbia.

Overall, this scout trip was definitely worth it. I would never had guessed that I'd cross Sofia off my list, as well as Tallinn. I'm surprised that Poznan is still on the list, and I'm also surprised that I got any IOIs in Kiev.

Kiev, Ukraine: Second Impressions

One thing I noticed today while fishing and forcing IOIs was that the younger girls (around 22) would return them more often than the older girls (around 28). I was originally going to say this was because there's a preference for an age gap (I'm in my early 30s), which may still be true, but it also may be true that the older girls are already taken, given the cultural pressure to marry by 25, as I understand. Unfortunately, forcing IOIs means I can't check for rings, which are difficult to see in the winter anyway, due to girls being bundled up.

At this point, my July exodus plan looks like this:
1) Retire to Poznan.
2) Hunt in English.
3) Learn Ukrainian, thus making Kiev a backup option.

While Kiev has the hotter girls, they seem as cold as the winter. In my mind, I'd prefer the sweet girl-next-door over the cold model.

Next step:
I'm trying to get to Tallinn as I type this. If that fails, it'll be time to head home. But I will visit Tallinn one way or another.

P.S. In Kiev I noticed some of the girls looked at my shoes after IOI'ing - so make sure you dress well, as it shows you have money.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kiev, Ukraine: First Impressions

The girls:
Even in the waiting area in Munich Airport for the flight to Kiev, I already noticed that Ukrainian girls put even more effort into their appearance, on average, than any other set of girls I've seen before, including Poles and Bulgarians. On top of that, before officially setting foot in Ukraine, I noticed that the girl guard at customs had managed to wear her uniform in such a way as to emphasize her figure. The feminine overload continued with the hotel receptionist; plus it didn't hurt that she showed me to my room, which usually only happens at high-end places. Finally, walking around the streets of downtown Kiev tonight, again, it was pretty clear that this was the highest average effort I'd seen.

That being said, while the girls in Kiev are certainly blonder, on average, than those from Sofia, they're less blonde than those from Poznan. I'm now pretty confident I have a thing for blondes, which before this scout trip, I didn't really know I had. I guess in Fatlanta, my eyes had gotten used to taking whatever they could get. Now I've got to see Estonia.

The competition:

I'd say the average Ukrainian guy is less competitive than his Bulgarian cousin, who in turn is less competitive than his Polish cousin. Inversely, the average Ukrainian guy seems to be more of the Slavic "thug/hustler" stereotype than his Bulgarian cousin, who in turn is more of that stereotype than his Polish cousin. (Note that what I'm saying about the average guy and girl is just that - an average. You'll find put-together guys and sloppy-looking girls in these places too, just not in the screwed up percentages in Fatlanta.)

Perhaps inevitably, on my way from the bus stop to my hotel, at evening rush hour, I saw two obviously drunk Ukrainian guys. On top of that, at dinner tonight, I sat at the small bar next to a Ukrainian guy, who also was obviously drunk. Not knowing the stereotype, you'd think it was coincidence, but in my mind, it at least supports the assertion that the girls have to compete hard for the non-alcoholics.

Running counter to that, probably to an insignificant extent, there were three obvious Turks on my flight. The first thing I thought of - and what the Ukrainian passengers probably thought too - was that these Turks were sex tourists.

The girls' reaction to me:

I'm catching and forcing a few more IOIs here than in Sofia, but certainly not at the level of Poznan. While this supports the assertion that guys should go to places where the local guys don't look them, in the back of my mind, I'm also wondering if it's a Slavic thing to IOI less than Western girls, since the more Slavic a girl's environment is, the more severe the consequences she faces from poor emotional control. Some of the stares were quite stoic, but that's probably just who they are. Part of me thought that these stares were IODs, but the Ukrainians I've had to interact with just today have been friendly, sometimes going slightly out of their way to do so.

Everything else:
Kiev seems like Sofia, but with even less English, which had less English than Poznan. Again, automation such as ATMs and Google Translate can help, but it's pretty obvious that language here is even more of a market entry barrier

Next steps:
Enjoy Kiev.
Figure out how to get home on Saturday/Sunday ... to Fatlanta.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sofia, Bulgaria: First Impressions

Definitely got fewer IOIs - even when attempting to force them, by looking into oncoming girls' eyes - than in Poznan. This occurred both in the streets of downtown Sofia, and at the mall ironically named, "The Mall." I think this goes back to Roosh's number one tip video - go to where the guys don't look like you. I'm not blond-haired and blue-eyed, so I don't stand out here - but I do in Poznan. I also noticed that almost all the ads aimed at women here feature a blonde-haired and blue-eyed woman, in contrast to Poznan, where the ads tended to feature a Mediterranean woman.

The above though was something I didn't expect, so again, I'm glad I did this scout trip. I figured Poznan girls had seen plenty of Mediterranean guys from Erasmus, so I thought I wouldn't stand out. I also figured Sofian girls, being obviously poorer, but darker, would like me as much as the Poznan girls, but that appears not to be the case.

Sofian girls also aren't as attractive as I figured they would be. That might be my genetics wanting a blond-haired blue-eyed girl - which I didn't really acknowledge until now - but I didn't seem to notice a gap otherwise in the attractiveness between the average Poznan girl and the average Sofian girl. Poznan also benefits from being a college town; Sofia is definitely older.

Keep in mind that with the above being said, both Sofia and Poznan are still much better than Fatlanta. I was still able to force more IOIs her in Sofia than in Fatlanta.

I've also come to the determination that skiing doesn't really matter to me anymore. I've done plenty of skiing already, and it'll serve future projects better if the environment is rigged to my benefit, in terms of girls.

Next steps: go to Kiev and Tallinn. I'd like to get both in now on this trip. Kiev, for obvious reasons, and Tallinn, because the blond percentage is supposed to be even higher than Poznan. Central Scandinavia is supposed to be the blondest place on Earth, but it's also expensive, even in the secondary cities.

Monday, November 17, 2014

My Remaining Scout Trip List, and Where This is Going

Figured I should list my next scout trip destinations as a way of keeping promises to myself:

Quebec City, Quebec - I hear French is the barrier to entry into this dating market, unlike Montreal (which is more expensive anyway), so I'm curious to see if improving my French would be worth it. There's also skiing there, which helps. Being Hispanic-looking may help too (I hear foreigners go to Montreal, if they go to Quebec). Will do this one weekend.

Salt Lake City, Utah - a flight attendant I daygamed to a text-close (no date) was from here. Skiing here is good too and costs are low, for the US. Supposedly attractive and conservative girls here, again for the US. Hopefully not all the girls are Mormon and married off after high school though. Will do this one weekend.

Denver, Colorado - the ski capital of the US. As you may have noticed from the image in the previous post, Colorado seems to lag in fatness. Hopefully the nickname "MENver" isn't true though. Will do this one weekend.

The coffee-growing region of Columbia - based solely on a tip from a Columbian friend, as an alternative to Bogota, Medellin, and Cali. My "native" look there might be looked down on though. Will do this one weekend.

Tallinn, Estonia - based on my experience in Poznan, Poland, I'm pretty sure I'd catch even more IOIs there, since there are supposed to be more blondes there. Too bad there's no skiing for days (all the Scandinavian downhill skiing is in far northern Finland or Sweden), not to mention anything else obvious to do (kinda like Poznan). Will do this on the way to Russia.

Sochi, Russia - supposed to be some amazing skiing here. Add Russian girls and mandatory Russian (barrier to entry) for the win? Definitely going to apply for the Russian visa after my current scout trip. Because I'd also like to see ...

Vladivostok, Russia - Russian girls + expensive flights (barrier to entry) + mandatory Russian (barrier to entry) + really far from Mediterranean sex tourists and British stag parties = win?

A destination I've already scouted prior to this blog (and Game):
Santiago, Chile - while on a business trip here, I took some time to walk through the streets. Again, that was before I even got into Game, but I don't recall catching any IOIs, likely since I look "native" (Chileans are lighter and look down on the natives, which I understand is common in South America, especially Argentina. Happens in Asia too, but anywhere I'd go in Asia (Southeast), I'm pretty sure I'm just normal [though taller and more muscular]).

Hopefully Sofia tomorrow will show that not all ski destinations (outside Russia, anyway) are hopeless sausage-fests ... but if it comes to that, I'll pick girls, since I've already done quite a bit of skiing.

The world is a big place, but thanks to the guys on the Roosh forums and the rest of the manosphere, I don't have to visit foreign skiing places that are turds in terms of girls, such as Italy (since it exports sex tourists). I don't expect to find skiing and poosy paradise as well, especially since Roosh himself seems pretty confident that poosy paradise alone is something that can only be forever chased, never permanently found. Don't get me wrong, I like the project of finding a good place, but I have other projects that require finishing this one.

Poznan, Poland: Third Impressions

This scout trip so far has been worth it. On top of what I've learned over the past two days, today I learned something new while trying to buy a transit ticket to get to the airport tomorrow morning:

There's a not-so-insignificant proportion of the population in Poznan that doesn't speak English.

Sure, some folks speak English, usually the young ones, and for the rest, there's Google Translate ... but if you really want to tap into this dating market, you'll want to learn Polish, preferably at the level of daygaming in it (which is basically fluent). This is similar to my experience in Makati in the Philippines - you can get by with English, but learning Tagalog will take your Game (not to mention your life) there to the next level.

Combining that with all the other observations I've seen, such as logistics, IOIs, etc., and these scout trips will also help me determine which language will be worth focusing on, for my planned July exodus from the 9 to 5 beta male rat race in FATlanta (that's not a typo, look at this timeline of obesity by US state since 1985 - the fatness came from the South:

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Obesity_state_level_estimates_1985-2010.gif)

Tomorrow: Sofia, Bulgaria. I'm excited to see this place, since I wouldn't be moving there just for the women, but also for the nearby skiing and not-too-far beaches, on top of the low cost of living.

I'm also excited to have Kiev penciled in for Thursday and Friday. As far as I've heard there's nothing there but the women, so I'd like to see if Ukranian girls are worth it, and especially to see if they react positively, negatively, or neutrally to me.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Poznan, Poland: Second Impressions

Did some daygame today at the Stary Browar mall. Most importantly, I confirmed it for myself - the girls are indeed nicer than the ones in Atlanta. Whether that niceness translates into something more though, such as dates, would require the Roosh-recommended stay of at least two weeks, if not at least a month. That makes me wonder whether this scout trip was worth it, but I'd counter myself by saying that the odds for success are obviously better - just open your eyes! The average Poznan girl puts more effort into attracting men, such as better dressing and behavior, than the average Western girl. On a related note, one Poznan girl I talked to said she could identify German girls - who are genetically close - by their sloppier appearance. I actually rephrased that as "casual" on another girl, thus assuming she was German, and lo-and-behold ... she was actually a German here on business! The German girl noted that all the Polish girls at the mall "look like they're going to work" ... "yeah," I thought, "they are at work ... to get men. God forbid they actually have to do so ..."

Plan for tomorrow: book trips to Sofia, Bulgaria Tuesday-Wednesday, and Kiev, Ukraine Thursday-Friday. Pipeline for the Kiev visit so I won't be playing the "find the English-speaker" game.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Poznan, Poland: First Impressions

The girls:
The girls in Poznan are indeed prettier and thinner than the ones in Atlanta. They don't seem to be as pretty as what I've seen on the net on Ukraine, but I haven't been to Ukraine ... yet. Definitely more blondes than I anticipated, and definitely more than the white population anywhere in the US, save for maybe being on par with Minneapolis. The heel/flat share seems to about 33/66, as opposed to heels being unusual in the US. Obviously fewer overweight girls, and no obese girls. Short hair is also unusual, but every now and then you'll see it. The girls are wearing tight jeans or yoga pants, as opposed to skirts, likely due to the English "jacket" weather this time of the year. Height is about the same as US white average.

The girls' reaction to seeing me:
Being Hispanic-looking is getting me IOIs here and there, but not nearly as often as my height advantage gave me in Makati in the Philippines.

The competition:
The guys here dress better than the ones in the US - think Western European fashion. However, they seem to be dating their equals or slightly better, as opposed to dating down in the West.
Everything else:
Pros: It's cheap here compared to the West. The hotel I'm staying in is only $18/night, including breakfast. My lunch today, which was a sub and bottled water from one of the supermarkets at Stary Bowar, was less than $3 - the sub alone would've been at least $3 at any grocery store in Atlanta. A lot of the facilities, such as the airport and the Stary Bowar mall - are clean and relatively new. They look like they've been constructed within the last ten or so years. So far I've been able to get around with English.

Cons: I could see things being slightly less convenient here: getting from the airport to the city center by public transit wasn't as admittedly painfully obvious as it is in the West. Gasp, I had to ask for help - which was understood, in English.

Next steps:
Get some sleep to fight off the jet lag. Run some daygame to see if I'm reading the IOIs correctly and to judge the level of English here.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Feminism: Nice Girls Finish Last Too

I remember in my blue-pill days going on a date with an attractive mid-twenties Chinese graduate student. She spoke unusually good English and was dressed quite well (by American standards), pairing a classy set of black heels with a respectable black dress. Oddly enough, she played no games either. In fact, she just cut straight to the chase and asked if I wanted to catch a movie with her. I agreed, since at the time I didn't know a movie date was the worst way to get to know someone. I expected to pay for her ticket, but she was unusually resourceful and paid for her own ticket, since she had done the research necessary to get them for free as a student. After the movie, we went to get drinks and an appetizer, where we had some good conversation (that I can't remember now) before I dropped her off at her house.

Overall, the date went well, according to my blue-pill standards then.

She must have thought the same too, since a few days later, she asked for another date.

At this point, I began to think this was too good to be true. "Women are supposed to be difficult," I thought. "She's too nice ... She must have some ulterior motive ... Ah, she must want a green card!" (Despite me knowing many Chinese students from my student days going back to China because there were more opportunities for them there). Even if she was a US citizen, my brain probably would've cooked up a similarly unfounded explanation ("She must have a kid or two" comes to mind).

So I broke it off with her and never saw her again.

Looking back at it now, I realize how blue-pill brainwashed I was. I rejected a girl for being too nice! And it's not like I was going to marry her the next day. I didn't even give her a chance!

Of course I can't go back and change the past - so there's no use regretting anything - but I can learn and apply in the future:

If a girl seems to like you, see if it's true, and reward truly good behavior. Don't think you can overcome bad behavior with positive feedback - you're just rewarding it.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

What You're Really in the Game For

Here's a funny insight that can be applied to the difference between going abroad for love, and going abroad for sex, by the late Patrice O'Neal:


TL;DR (but funnier in the video clip):

"O’Neal challenged the women in the audience to tell him how they’d keep their man if they’d lost their pussy. After hearing a litany of other sexual acts from women in the audience, he points out that how is he such a bad guy when every women who answered just 'classified yourselves as a series of holes.'"

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Rooshing It" Isn't Entirely New

Was out to dinner with my dad when I asked him this question:

"Why did you come to the United States from Asia?"

His reply:

"It was quite competitive to get a good education there, but it was fine, especially for me. What wasn't obvious was that it was going to get even more competitive. Leaving seemed better for the future."

I knew his brothers only came to the US decades later, so I asked:

"Why didn't your brothers come with you?"

My dad:

"Everything at the time was fine there, so they saw no reason to go struggle in a foreign land, no matter what I theorized about the future."

I then asked:

"Now that you're all here, do you feel you got "first-mover" advantage?"


"Yes. It did get more competitive over there, and their delay made it more costly for them to come here."

While asking these questions, I already knew it applied to my situation. The only difference was that while he was concerned about increasing competition for education in Asia, I'm concerned about increasing competition for women in the US. But thankfully, the solution remains the same: immigrating.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Where To Live in a City to Get Laid

When I first moved to Atlanta, I didn't even know what game was. But knowing what I know now, I would've moved to a different part of the city:

Where the tourist girls go

Don't get me wrong, my current location isn't bad (decent foot traffic, especially for Atlanta), but most of that traffic is local. That's great if you want a relationship (though the red-pill manosphere cautions against doing this with Western women), but if you want lays (without hookers), then it's well-known throughout the red-pill manosphere that tourists are easier.

That place in Atlanta? Downtown, specifically Peachtree, near the Hard Rock Cafe.

Think about: no logistical barrier for you to go out, and no logistical barrier for her to come back to your place.

The time to go? Likely when Krauser recommends in Daygame Mastery - as I recall that's around 8p.

Don't just Game hard, Game smart.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Birds, The Fish, and The Bacteria

One day, as some birds swooped down from the sky to catch some fish, the fish said to the birds:

"It's not fair that you're going to eat us! We're victims!"

For whatever reason, the birds took this to heart, and decided not to catch any more fish. The fish then went on their way, until they decided to catch some bacteria. The bacteria then said to the fish:

"It's not fair that you're going to eat us! We're victims too!"

The fish, not wanting to be hypocritical, decided not to catch any more bacteria. The bacteria then went on their way, until they decided to catch the bodies of dead birds. The birds that were still alive said to the bacteria:

"It's not fair that you're going to eat us! We're victims as well!"

The bacteria, not wanting to be hypocritical either, decided not to catch the dead birds.  The birds that were still alive then went on their way, and now there were no victims in the ecosystem. Everyone was happy.

But then the birds started getting hungry. They couldn't eat the fish though, because that would be hypocritical. So they starved to death.

Similarly, the fish started getting hungry. But they couldn't eat the bacteria, because that would also be hypocritical. So they starved to death as well.

The bacteria were also getting hungry. They couldn't eat the birds that were dying of hunger though, because that too would be hypocritical. So the bacteria also starved to death.

Everyone was now dead, but at least there were no victims in the ecosystem.

BRIC Weddings

I just noticed that all the wedding fridge magnets I have have brides from BRIC countries. So I have one fridge magnet where the bride is Brazilian, one where the bride is Russian, one where the bride is Indian, and one where the bride is Chinese.

I have none where the bride is American.


I think not.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Not All (Western) Women Are Like That" Is True, But ...

Reading the red-pill manosphere, one might think that the West only has women that are fat and entitled. Of course, if you actually explore Western women, you'll eventually meet some that actually bother to put in efforts similar to your own. Thus, "not all (Western) women are like that," right?

Unfortunately, while technically true, this statement dangerously ignores economics: specifically, probabilities in the sexual market.

For example, instead of thinking, "are there any good Western women?", the thinking should be, "what is the probability of meeting good women in the West, as oppose to abroad?"

Subquestions can help answer those questions - if posed correctly. Here are more examples:

Limited: "Are Western women worth it?"
Probabilistic: "What is the likelihood my efforts will be rewarded in the West, as opposed to abroad?"

Limited: "Does modern Western culture threaten traditional families?"
Probabilistic: "What are the chances that a traditional family will succeed in the West, as opposed to abroad?"

Here's something not related to women, that might have you in the West temporarily, given the current world situation:

Limited: "Is the West the best place to make lots of money?"
Probabilistic: "What is the likelihood I can make lots of money in the West, as opposed to abroad?"

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Why Feminism Can't Offer Men Self-Improvement Advice

Ever notice the dearth of feminist advice for men (other than to accept a woman regardless of almost any faults)? It's simple - it's because it would be hypocritical to do so. If feminists offered men self-improvement advice to help them do better with women, then they would also have to do the same for women in regards to men. But then, that would directly contradict their current message to women, which consists of extremely delusional self-acceptance. So, don't expect any help from them - just requests for handouts, like #HeForShe and #ItsOnUs - which you will NOT be rewarded for. If you don't believe me, go ahead and see the rage you'll get if you dare ask for it. So, don't bother looking to feminism for help. Go with the folks that are offering you real help. Go with the red-pill manosphere.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

How to Find the Truth in Contradicting Opinions

If you've read the manosphere more than briefly, you've probably noticed opinions that contradict each other. For a while I thought they had to be reconciled - did one opinion apply in some way that the contradicting opinion could still be valid? Or was one just wrong and the other right?

For these situations, I'm going to lift a Buddhist concept called "the Middle Path." Basically, don't think of an opinionated argument as one or the other - think of it as a spectrum, with extremes on the left and the right, and the truth in the middle. Note that you have to define the extremes properly to determine the middle, or else you'll think something is a middle when it's actually to the left or right. Also note that this only works when there are extreme opinions to begin with - there's no opinion that 1 + 1 is anything but 2.

To better illustrate, let's run through three examples.

Work on your Game before going abroad?

One hypothetical extreme:

"No, don't bother with Game - just by looking abroad, you can be a fat slob with no social skills, and expect supermodels to fall in your lap. You don't even have to go abroad, just bring them back to the West! And oh, by the way, take a look at my dating website with foreign women ..."
(HappierAbroad sometimes veers toward this).

Hypothetical extreme on the other end:
"Yes, become a complete and total master of Game in the West, because only by doing so will you get even passable girls abroad. Girls are the same everywhere, regardless of the sexual market they're in. And oh, by the way, take a look at my Game books, videos, and coaching sessions ..."
(The big London Daygame names sometimes veer toward this).

The Middle Path:
"The more you put into Game in the West, the more you'll get out of it abroad. But the grass is greener there, at every Game level. Take a look at my books if you like, they're so cheap that I'm practically giving them away ..."
(Roosh is pretty close to this).

How much should I fight feminism?

One hypothetical extreme:
"Just ignore it. With enough Game, you can overcome anything! By the way, I'm in Eastern Europe right now, because the women are more feminine here, and there's NO WAY feminism could come here, right?"
(The London Daygame guys sometimes veer toward this).

Hypothetical extreme on the other end:
"Thou shalt have no other life but to fight feminism! Forget fulfilling the personal or altruistic reasons you're fighting for in the first place!"
(The Men's Rights Movement sometimes veers toward this).

The Middle Path:
"Fight feminism efficiently. Don't forget the other projects in your life."
(Again, Roosh is the closest big name in my mind to this).

Do looks matter?

One hypothetical extreme:
"No, you could be a bug-eyed alien, and with enough Game, you could get supermodels at will! Just buy my books, videos, coaching sessions, etc."
(The London Daygame guys, sometimes, again).

Hypothetical extreme on the other end:
"Yes, looks are all that matters. You could be a male 10 and run 100% anti-Game, and still get supermodels at will!"
(Not too far from typical blue-pill thinking).

The Middle Path:
"Looks matter, so do what you can to improve them. It's easier than improving your Game, but there's a limit, and everyone's limits are different. But, if you're not a male 10, you still might be able to compete with one, if you've put in the hard work to have enough Game to exceed his looks and Game."
(Again, Roosh is the closest big name here).

Hopefully these examples have shown the usefulness of the Middle Path concept. Enjoy!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Why and How You Should Fight Feminism

Why You Should Fight Feminism:

As one absorbs the effects of taking the red pill, one inevitably comes to the question: "Should I ignore feminism? Should I fight it? Should I join it? Is it worth the effort?" An extension of that question then arises: "Would I want feminism to spread outside the West, which I happen to be escaping, due primarily to its women? Would I want other men and women - including my own sons and daughters, if I have any - to have no choice?"

As you might see what I just implied, motivation for fighting feminism can be split in two camps: selfish reasons, and altruistic reasons.

Selfish reason: I like masculine women about as much as women like feminine men. Don't get me wrong, I like drinking buddies, and I'm sure women love shopping with their friends, but no sexual attraction is to be had in either case; no yin to the yang.

Altruistic reason: Civilization is better for everyone. Among other things, it requires beta male competition and contribution. Humans do not reproduce asexually for a variety of good reasons (faster evolution, more varied evolution, etc). However, beta males will drop out if they cannot earn sufficient incentives to compete and contribute. If forced, they will waste most of their energy attempting to circumvent such force and become alpha, instead of competing and contributing. Unfortunately, lower-income African-American communities are an example of beta males dropping out.

How You Should Fight Feminism:

The key here is not to fight feminists, per se, since they will not even consider anything you say, even if you are a woman who opposes feminism. The reason for that is that it is not in their self-interest to consider your points, no matter how logical they are. For them to do so would be to reduce the flow of otherwise forced redistribution of power in their favor.

No, the key here, in those fights with feminists, is to win the hearts and minds of those who can be converted - the people in the middle. The key here is to get these folks unplugged from the Matrix. However, they cannot be forcibly unplugged. Until they are unplugged, they are still a part of said Matrix, and may even defend it, in complete contrast to their self-interest, never mind their altruistic one. What must happen then is that they must be guided to unplug themselves. It starts with providing the explanations for the seemingly small glitches inherent in the Matrix, such as "why do girls like jerks?" and "but why do girls say they like nice guys?" Once they dig deeper and find that the red-pill manosphere provides a consistent framework that explains what they used to see as unexplainable, they will never go back to seeing it as unexplainable, and they will reject inconsistent competing frameworks, such as feminism.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Scout Trip Versus The Bang Trip

Guys like Roosh and Krauser have posted many things about "the bang trip." Among them is the necessary time you'll need for the trip, which they recommend at a minimum of a week or two, starting mid-week. Based on their experiences, this makes sense, since even with pipelining (setting up dates online before you arrive), it make take more than a few first dates to accomplish your mission.

But what if your mission trip is scouting for more permanent relocation? In that case, your mission, and thus your timetable, are quite different. You're there to simply confirm or deny the research you've done online, thus answering the question, "would I like to live here for a few weeks or more, or would I rather do that elsewhere for now?" Depending on the size and quality of your destination's online expat community, you may find the bulk of the information you're looking for online, so the timetable for your scouting trip can be shorter, likely less than a week for each destination - so pack another destination or two in, depending on how much time you've got. On the flip side, if you're boldly going where no one has gone before, you may need a week or more just to get the same information. In either case, you're delaying gratification, compared to the "bang trip," with the payoff being much less time constraints.

Case in point: I've been in Makati for only three days so far, but based on the plethora of what I've read online, and from what I've confirmed from being here, I can already say that I would probably enjoy at least a few weeks here. The problem is that I allocated a whole week to this. Part of that week could've been allocated to the longer stay required for another relatively nearby destination I'm interested in, Vladivostok, which as I understand requires a visa well in advance. Still, not bad to learn that and more from just a few days into my first scouting trip.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

An Abundance of Girls: Grappling With The Idea

When I woke up this morning in Makati, my first thought was, "holy cow, girls want me here." Granted, I'm only seeing the tip of the iceberg - I haven't even touched it yet - but now I'm confronted with a new question: what would I want with these girls if I lived here? Should I bang the hot ones and then wife up a nice one? Or should my project be to wife up the best one?

The idea of an abundance of girls didn't truly cross my mind in America. Granted, I'd put in enough work at daygame - basically taking it as a part-time job - where I knew if I put in enough effort, I could at least get first dates. So I had some abundance, albeit with a part-time job's effort. In contrast, here in Makati, I can already foresee relatively more abundance, even with my half-assed online dating, and simple recognition of IOIs on the street.

But the new question still stands - sow your wild oats, or sow your best oats? Part of me is thinking that my beta programming is running interference. However, another part of me is looking at the experiences of men who've gone down the hedonistic path - Roosh and Krauser come to mind - and seeing the boredom that eventually develops. Perhaps when you're relatively starving, as most men are in the West, including myself, the idea of a buffet seems like heaven. But once you have the resources to afford what you want, you choose to consume for the benefit of other projects in your life, rather than gorging yourself on buffets until you're bored, simply because they're there.

The project of a family definitely appeals to me, but I know it comes at the steep cost of freedom. The thing is though, I'm doing much less with that freedom in my 30's than in my 20's, when it was new to me. Traveling, skiing, eating out - I still enjoy these things, but not nearly as much as I used to. Damn hedonistic adaptation! But I'm definitely grateful for those experiences and for those who enabled them (I've heard that actively being thankful for what you already have is the best way to fight hedonistic adaptation, but I really need to do it more.)

What I know for sure is that the project of a family has to be approached carefully. Last thing I want to do is be the typical starving Western male, and rush into creating a family, while being blind to my options and the red flags I should be looking for. On those options, I've already got time blocked on the calendar to visit South America (likely Columbia) and Eastern Europe (likely Sofia, Bulgaria, and Kiev, Ukraine). I would've visited Vladivostok on this Manila trip if I'd had the foresight to get the Russian visa, but I'll get that on the calendar as well.

Manila: Second Impressions

Here's what I've done since my last update. Skip to highlights if you don't care about context.

Day 2:
Went grocery shopping for the stuff I'd normally buy in the US (it was roughly 50% cheaper),
Walked for about half an hour to Glorietta Mall,
Got a haircut there,
Did some crowd-watching,
Walked back, and
Scheduled my first surf lesson ever for the next day at Club Manila East.

Day 3:
Rescheduled my surf lesson since I wasted too much time trying to figure out taxi phone apps here,
Used the EasyTaxi app to take a mere 280 php taxi from Makati to Taytay, about 1 hour away (Google claimed it was 30 minutes, since it was only about 18 km away, but Google didn't take into account Metro Manila's traffic),
Enjoyed a private weekday 2-hour surfing lesson for a mere 1,500 php (all inclusive, including surfboard rental),
Took my first ever Jeepney ride to get from Club Manila East to Taytay proper, since EasyTaxi didn't work out there,
Took my first ever tricycle ride to get around Taytay to a taxi stand, and
Took a taxi back to Makati.

While walking back and forth to Glorietta Mall, I'm pretty sure I caught a few Filipinas giving me IOI stares (IOI = Indication Of Interest). This may be due to my relative tallness and build (5'9" with enough muscles to have a few American girls compliment). Obviously can't say for certain whether the stares were IOIs, since I didn't approach any of them and flip the stones, but it's definitely more than I get in the US, where the competition is tougher (but the prizes at the least aren't correspondingly better).

Paralleling that experience, I'm definitely getting a higher initial response rate from my lazy toe-dipping here at online dating. I'd probably follow through with this and daygame if I wasn't leaving so soon, since I don't have enough time to take these girls out.

On the con side, I was exposed to the relative inefficiency of Manila. It's not a huge deal for someone on the leisure like me, but I don't want to kid anyone into thinking this is the US but with better women. Finding the haircut place at Glorietta Mall was only possible when I stumbled upon a computerized map, which for some reason, wasn't at any of the mall entrances, but at a random intersection, and on the third floor. Also, in Taytay, the EasyTaxi app was useless, likely because the taxi drivers there can't afford smartphones. Road infrastructure, like any third world country, lags behind traffic demand. Again though, just minor annoyances, especially for the leisure traveler like me.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Manila: First Impressions

Today is my first of several days in Manila (Makati, to be exact). I'm here to basically do a trial run of early retirement here. So far, here's what I've done: I got here late last evening and took a yellow taxi to my AirBnb apartment. My plan early this morning (around 7:30ish) was to go grocery shopping, but nothing here except for Starbucks opens until 10. I didn't have any food in the apartment, so a 115 php Starbucks sandwich was breakfast.

My first impression of Manila is that it reminded me of Bangkok. Take away the signs in English, and tell me I'm in Bangkok, and I'd believe you. As expected, the Filipinos think I'm Filipino. But the interesting thing is that the level of English penetration isn't as deep as advertised. It's definitely better than Bangkok, don't get me wrong, where English is more or less useless, but you will run into Filipinos who don't speak English. Obviously it's a bit early in my trip to say how often that will be, but if I did retire here, I'd definitely try to learn Tagalog, especially since I look Filipino.

As for the girls, also obviously a bit early to say anything about them, but my first impression about them is mixed. Purely from a looks perspective, I can't say I've seen any stunners, but most of them are in good shape. Filipinos in general are shorter than I expected; I feel they're generally shorter than Thais, but maybe my reference point is still Atlanta, with its generally tall (but sometimes surprisingly short) black guys. It may also be that it's in our DNA to be attracted to looks that are different from ours; I'll find out when I visit Eastern Europe, and to a lesser extent, South America.

From an early retirement perspective, part of me is worried about what the heck I'll do with my time. That's the first thing I thought of this morning. But maybe that's because I'm used to work taking the bulk of my time, with errands coming in second, and hobbies coming in last (which usually was daygame). I can't remember the last time I played the two musical instruments I own, or went for a cycling joyride (instead of daygaming). I'm going to see if I can take surfing lessons at the wave pool here, so maybe I'll like that. Surfing looked fun in the movie Point Break, anyway.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Finding a Place Abroad: Why More Internet Research Isn't Always Better

There's only so much research on the internet you can do on finding a place to live abroad. While you might find consensus on certain topics, such as Eastern Europe / South America / Southeast Asia being better for finding girls than the West, you'll inevitably find debate as you dig deeper. Questions like:

Which is best between Eastern Europe, South America, or Southeast Asia?

Which is best for me, given x, y, and z factors?

I think it's at this point, where the questions become so individually-tailored, that it's time to do the unthinkable:

Put some work in and actually visit these places yourself.

The alternative is to waste time on the internet forums reading the endless debates. Never mind the fact that these guys may be vastly different from each other, not to mention you. They may also have visited for reasons different than your own - if they visited at all. For all you know, they may be passing secondhand knowledge off as firsthand, just to get an ego-boost.

Yes, it takes time and resources to visit these places. But just think of that as another barrier to entry into these markets. That barrier prevents your weaker-willed Western male competitors from going. More importantly, as long as it exists, it'll keep them from coming, once you're there.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Is Evening Rush Hour Downtown Atlanta Daygaming Worth It?

For the first time, I had a chance to daygame in downtown Atlanta from 4 to 7p. The idea was to daygame girls as they left work. Here's what I found out:

1) Peachtree Street around Peachtree Center has the most foot traffic. You'll have to act fast to catch the girls as they generally start trickling out around 4:30ish, then build to a crescendo around 5:30ish, and then taper to nothing by 6:30ish. There may still be foot traffic after that, depending on whether or not a convention is in town (there usually is, and you'll see it by all the name tags around peoples' necks, as opposed to company badges). Generally focus on your side of the street, since girls on the other side of the street will usually quickly end up in the building they're going to by the time you get to the other side of the street. If it's hot, especially in the summer, go inside the Peachtree Center mall and catch them there (why sweat if you don't have to?)

2) Centennial Olympic Park might produce a girl walking her dog after work, but the better post-work dog-park-walk daygame in Atlanta is Piedmont Park, by far. Centennial Olympic Park is mostly tourist families.

3) The CNN Center is the same, minus the girls walking their dogs. Don't bother.

4) Hotels such as the Hilton might produce girls, again depending on whatever convention is in town.

5) The Fairlie area is mostly a lunch place; not too many girls here after work.

Overall, downtown Atlanta is the place to go, not to daygame locals, but to daygame tourists. Most of those tourists are families, convention-goers, and businesspeople (likely on weekdays only), so I'll stick to the other places I mentioned in a previous post, especially in the hot summer.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Where to Daygame in Atlanta

After more than a year of daygaming in Atlanta, here are my recommendations:

Piedmont Park (except during events)
Trader Joe's (Midtown)
Target (Atlantic Station or Lindbergh)
Peachtree St (in Midtown)

Here's where not to go, though you might think they're good:

Lenox Mall (high-end malls tend to attract older/taken/married girls)
Target near Lenox Mall (same reason as the mall itself)
Target near Emory (surprisingly less girls)
Little Five Points (too small a venue)
Virginia Highlands (old bohemian crowd)
Centennial Olympic Park (tourist families)
IKEA (usually families)
Anywhere outside the perimeter (families)

The above comes with the caveat that I have a M-F 9-5 job. Having been downtown for lunch a few times, that place and time may be promising.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Why You Should Welcome Opening Forgotten Girls

Every so often, when one daygames in the same place, one comes across a girl that one has already opened and failed.

Today that happened to me ... Again.

In the past, when these girls gave off bad vibes, I wasn't sure why. "Must be bitches," I thought.

After today's repeat though, I had a revelation. These forgotten repeat girls are offended by two things:

1) That they remembered you, and more importantly,
2) That you forgot them.

Think of it from the Western girl's perspective. She's been raised to think that she's a unique snowflake, and that men are disposable. But when she remembers you, and you don't remember her, that fantasy is disrupted.

The evil part of me wishes that I could reopen all the girls that turned me down, just to disrupt their fantasies as well, but then I'd actually have to bother remembering them, which I can't. But now I won't be afraid to open a girl that I forgot that I already opened. In fact, I'll welcome it.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Meaning of Life

It's actually pretty simple:

The purpose of life is to propagate life.

You come to the same conclusion from any angle, after asking why enough times, like an annoying child. Take daygame for example:

Why am I daygaming? I want more sex.

Why do I want more sex? Because it feels good.

Why does it feel good? Because it's supposed to help propagate life.

Now try work:

Why do I work? Because it gives me money.
Why do I need money? Because I want water, food, shelter, etc.
Why do I want those things? Because they're supposed to help propagate life.

Of course, the devil is in the details, such as the best ways to propagate life. Consider this hypothetical example, in place of the first line in the last example:

Why did I steal instead of work? Because I believe it's the best way to get money (regardless if it actually is or not).

The question then becomes what are the best ways to propagate life. I won't answer that here, other than to say: science!

How The New TMNT Movie Shows Western Culture is Becoming More Fem-Centric

Just saw the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie today. Some interesting points:

The Title:
Realistically, this movie should be called "April O'Neil and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," because that's what you're going to see in the plot - more Megan Fox than the actual turtles themselves.

April O'Neil:
It's pretty obvious they've gone to great lengths to remove more vestiges of the damsel-in-distress than before, and emphasize more of the independent career woman. Even in the '80s cartoons, the two existed (fem-centric culture having already started), but in this version, conveniently, April needs much less rescuing, despite doing the same schtick of getting into trouble with the Foot Clan by snooping around.

The Turtles:
The only time these guys really contribute to the plot is when action sequences are called for. Much less of an attempt is made to develop them into characters the way the 1990 film tried (to what extent is another debate). After watching them for a bit, you begin to think you're just watching another new Transformers movie. It is Michael Bay + Megan Fox + CGI characters, after all - except notably minus even a Beta male lead such as Shia LaBeouf.

April O'Neil's cameraman:
This is pretty much what men are reduced to in pop Western culture these days - creepy, stupid, weak punching bags. At least in the 1990 film, his closest counterpart, Casey, was able to fight - never mind get the girl (albeit by somehow being turned on by her masculinity).

April O'Neil's boss:
Conveniently changed from a white male to a black female. As a Hispanic-looking Asian, I can't say this change wasn't purposely made.

The origin story:
The turtles are now a more-or-less planned experiment, rescued by April O'Neil as a child, rather than pure accidents. Can't remind all the single-mom accidents out there now that they're accidents. That would hurt their fe-e-elings, despite it making them come to terms with this thing called ... reality. Heck, in the 2nd TMNT '90s movie, the turtles have to do just that (albeit in one short scene): come to terms with being accidents, rather than planned, as they subconsciously imagined.

The Foot:
They might as well be robots again, like in the '80s cartoons. No attempt is made to humanize them like in the 1990s film. In that film, the Foot becomes a warning to moviegoers: disenfranchised young males are more likely to correctly calculate that a life outside eroding institutions in the West, such as families, is a better risk/reward payoff than one in it. The difference between 1990 and 2014 is that in 1990, being outside the system manifested itself as crime, while in 2014, being outside the system manifests itself as hidden addictions, usually to porn and/or video games. But hey, as long as crimes aren't being committed, who cares if young males don't bother to reach their potential?

In conclusion, if the media is a reflection of the culture, then ... buyer beware.

How to Filter Out Party Girls

Checked out some night game last night with a buddy. Woke up just a little before noon and had an epiphany:

If the best time to meet party girls is Friday and Saturday night, then the best time to filter them out during the day is Saturday and Sunday morning, when they're sleeping.

Not sure why I hadn't thought of this before. I guess I just went for the presumably higher-traffic weekend afternoon daygame hours, and made the faulty assumption that daygame exists in a vacuum.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

For Guys Considering Being a Father in the West

In your early Game days, you might think to yourself: "okay, if I just learn this Game stuff really well, maybe I'll find that needle-in-a-haystack girl here in the West that might actually be a good mother to my kids."

Or, maybe you've sworn off Western women for child-bearing, so you're thinking of importing a foreign women to the West.

In both cases, there's one more thing to consider:

What are the chances she'll be able to resist - not just for years, but for at least two decades - the ever-increasing temptations that the West will offer her?

Stop and think about that for a second. Think of the changes you've seen in the West in the past two decades: more YOLO attitudes, more selfishness, and above all, more embracing of these characteristics by society at large.

Now take that change and apply it forward. What do two decades in the future in the West look like?

Time will tell if these trends spread outside the West. The red-pill manosphere suggests that this is happening, but they also suggest that the level those trends are starting from is not as bad.

Your special snowflake might be better than the average Western woman at resisting these temptations. But this is the mother of your kids we're talking about here, and more importantly, the culture that will surround her. Do not take unnecessary risks.*

* Unless kids are more of an accessory for you - but as I understand, they're quite expensive.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

You Are the Media You Consume

"You are what you eat" - it's a common English expression. Basically, it means if you eat fatty foods, you'll be a fatty. Conversely, if you eat muscle-bound foods, guess what? You'll be muscle-bound.

This idea also applies to the media you consume. Don't believe me? Enjoy this 3-minute experiment:

First, watch a little bit of this (maybe a minute):

Note how you feel. Don't try to describe it, just note the feeling.

Now, watch about a minute of this, and do the same:

Most likely, the first one makes you feel lovey-dovey, while the second one makes you feel driven. Now tell me, which one is more useful to you?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hashing Out My Weekly Schedule

Lately I've been in a quandary.

There's only so many hours outside of my current 9-to-5 job to pursue both daygame and location independence. While I'm currently on track make it to location independence by June 2015, I'd like to be able to supplement the investment income I'll be living off with location-independent income if need be. In other words, I'd like to have a developed skill set to deal with contingencies such as slow stock markets, higher than expected expenses ... or even boredom.

My initial research suggests that freelancing on sites such as Elance may do the trick, given my skill set - but not overnight. As I understand, it takes time and effort to not only learn how to freelance, but to also build a reputation to the point where you're earning decent hourly rates. Last thing I want to do is to give my goodbye to corporate America, only to have to come crawling back because I wasn't prepared to generate a sufficient location-independent income on top of my investment income.

Am I being too conservative though? Even now, I'm in good enough financial shape to lead the life I want. So even if the stock market ends up being flat to today in June 2015, I'd still be fine. And it's not like even one bad year would put me in the poor house. It's just that I'd be dipping into my principle, which I could probably replenish by freelancing at that point. And before that even happens, I'd probably be regularly trying to make some money off my hobbies, with the hobby being the primary focus, and the money being just icing on the cake.

With all that being said, here's what I think my typical weekly schedule should be:

Monday - Friday, 9 to 5: Work
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights: Lift
Saturday and Sunday mornings: Errands
Saturday and Sunday afternoons: Daygame
Saturday and Sunday evenings: Hang Out w/Friends or Freelance
Tuesday night: Date, or if no Date, Freelance
Thursday night: Date, or if no Date, Daygame, then Hang Out w/Friends

Of course, the schedule will be adjusted for post-June 2015 location scouting visits. Those visits are the primary reason I'm still in corporate America.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Captain Obvious: Buyer Beware Applies to the Red-Pill Manosphere Too

Interesting exchange I just stumbled across on the Asian masculinity reddit:

3WH (presumably Third World Hero): "Your view on expat-pua? Specifically Asian-American men bringing PUA to Asia and becoming unstoppable poon machines?"

theasianplayboy (JT Tran): "It's too easy. When I went to Viet Nam, I was mobbed by tons of Vietnamese girls who could tell I wasn't a local Viet.

It's fun certainly, if you want to rack up those numbers. I've known a lot of PUAs who travel to the Philipines and similar to inflate their numbers.

However, while enjoyable, it isn't really conducive to long term growth and development as a person. None of those Asian village girls type have the kind of well-traveled, cultured, educated, and powerful personality than I'm looking for in a partner.

But sure, if you want to have fun, it's like shooting fish in a barrel."

Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/AsianMasculinity/comments/21a4y0/mod_ama_session_with_asian_playboy_jt_tran_march/

No disrespect to JT Tran, but one has to remember what his incentive is - and that's to get you buying his products, and going on his expensive boot camps. Of course I'm not targeting JT Tran - this applies to anyone trying to sell you anything, red-pill manosphere or not. To think otherwise would be like expecting a car dealer in New York City to say you don't need a car to live in New York City.

Now I will say there's something to be said about improving yourself before going overseas, and not being a fat, poorly-dressed slob with bad social skills. However, I don't think one should spend too much time or money on it - losing yourself in Game or trying to buy your way with boot camps. Life is too short for that.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Take a Look Around

What do you think is holding you back from the dating success you want?

I bet a few things came to your mind right off the bat. Maybe it's your height, your race, or other things you can't control.

I'm here to tell you those things don't really matter, because of one overriding factor.

Before I got into daygame, in my blue-pill total chode days, I thought my race was holding me back. I identify as an Asian-American male, so I just figured I was near or at the bottom of the dating totem pole; never mind that people thought I was Hispanic upon first meeting them.

Now I'm not going to say that daygame and the red-pill manosphere instantly turned me into a world-renowned player. But, I will say that it did make me aware of the following:

1) With enough work, nearly anything is possible. The question is: how much work are you willing to put in? How much is worth it - to you?

2) With dating options now available outside my multiracial social circle and outside work (which I'd never do), thanks to daygame, I was able to observe what you may have read about, but may not have internalized. It's the one overriding factor I mentioned earlier:

Male thirst is almost everywhere in the Western world, and it doesn't really discriminate.

Take a look around. Coming from a blue-pill perspective though, it won't be obvious. In my social circle, I saw it manifest in the following ways:

1) Okay-looking mid-20's white girl flirts with okay-looking mid-20's white guy for attention. Guy reciprocates. Girl dares guy to do something that may obviously injure himself. Guy is so thirsty he responds like a Pavlovian dog and does it without hesitation, injuring himself.

2) Late 30's white woman dates mid 30's white man, both okay-looking and decently-employed. Woman leaves man for a temporary career opportunity in a larger city.

3) Good-looking mid-20's white guy actually bothers to entertain a long-distance relationship with an okay-looking early-20's white girl. You know where this is going. Girl dumps guy.

I could list more examples, but for me, just observing firsthand the male thirst of these three decent white guys showed me how thirsty most men are in the Western world, regardless of the usual factors such as race, looks, etc. Granted, some men climb the mountain that is Game far enough to reduce or eliminate their thirst, but for most, the mountain is steep, and I'm afraid to say it's getting steeper with time. But I encourage you to take a look around when you think about what's holding you back from the dating success that you want, and see for yourself firsthand. Then, more importantly, don't whine or complain about it; take action. I don't know about you, but I'm planning on voting with my feet.

Monday, July 21, 2014

How Much Game is Enough?

In my opinion, one of the best sections of Krauser's book, Daygame Mastery, is the last one just before the postscript, entitled, "Special Situations 3: Care and Maintenance." Among other ideas, Krauser seems to speak from experience when he says three things:

1) Game can become addictive.
2) Game will not make you happy.
3) Only self-acceptance can make you happy.

In the past, when I read it, I understood it, but I didn't truly believe it. Game - addictive?! It was a chore! Well, at least until I did the first approach of a session. Then I'd always want more, since usually the first approach was just a warm-up one.

But now, things are starting to change. After a daygame session today, I still wanted more! Like a good school boy, I re-consulted Krauser's book on this developing addiction, but didn't quite find the answer I was looking for.

Should I keep feeding the addiction? On one hand, it's consuming more and more of my life. On the other hand, I'm not sure I have enough Game to be satisfied before I leave the West in June 2015*.

And that's when I thought of this analogy:

Game is like money.

Here's how the analogy works: you need an increasing amount of each to:

1) Live ($/G)
2) Be comfortable ($$/GG)
3) Feed the addiction for it, if you have one ($$$/GGG)

To further elaborate:

1) To live - a small amount of money/Game is required to function in society. With technology, this amount is shrinking, but at this point in human history, you still need to pay/talk to other human beings to eat and sleep.

2) To be comfortable - a higher amount of money/Game is required to be comfortable in society. Being only able to pay/talk enough to live is not enough to regularly sleep in a decent place / with decent women.

3) Feed the addiction for it, if you have one - ever-increasing amounts are required at this stage. As you go from places/women that are 5's, to 6,'s, then to 7's, etc., the money/Game required increases exponentially (not linearly).

So what's the answer after all this mental masturbation? Obviously it's the middle path - to be comfortable. Now what does that mean for my daygame? Now I get to put down a concrete goal for myself:

Now - approach machine: 1 date/month that passes the boner test (thanks Roosh)
Goal - intermediate: 1 lay/month that passes the boner test

* Leaving the West in June 2015 is a convenient month: it's when my lease ends, when I have one year in my new job, and most importantly, when I can be reasonably sure my retirement savings will last, in light of the recent bull market. I'll also be able to scout out destinations before then.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Shortest Post That Will Make Your Day

I just Googled "expat women dating." This shit is gold.

A Different Plan for Western Males: From Birth to Your 30's

The red-pill manosphere explains at length the challenges facing males in the modern Western world. I won't repeat anything they have to say in this post (Google is your friend), but here is what I propose as a guide for Western males.

In each stage of life, you'll be doing the following:

1) Stack enough paper to eventually leave the West
2) Be physically healthy and maximize attractiveness to women
3) Be mentally healthy and maximize attractiveness to women

What you'll be doing in each stage differs. Here's what I recommend.

Birth until Puberty
1) School
2) Playing outside
3) Being sociable

Pitfalls to avoid in this stage:
a) Playing video games

Puberty through High School
1) School/work (typically service industry employment - I recommend a customer-facing one to get used to dealing with people)
2) Lifting and playing on athletic teams
3) Learning and applying Game
New pitfalls to avoid in this stage:

a) Using porn, drugs, or alcohol
b) Developing one-itises
c) Spending anything but trivial amounts of work money on stuff that doesn't align with the three goals at the top of this post.
d) Getting into LTRs

1) Learning a money-making trade/major/business
2) Lifting and playing on athletic teams
3) Applying and refining Game
New pitfalls to avoid in this stage:
a) Choosing a location that doesn't align with the three goals at the top of this post (such as being too expensive, like a Manhattan penthouse, or conversely, being too repulsive to women, such as your mom's basement)

1) Stacking paper and scouting locations outside the West
2) Lifting and playing on athletic teams
3) Applying and refining Game
New pitfalls to avoid in this stage:
a) Getting married

30's: Leave the West.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Why I Decided Not to Do A Bootcamp (for now, anyway ...)

Recently, I struggled with the idea of whether or not to do a daygame bootcamp. When I started doing daygame over a year ago, I wasn't aware of any bootcamps near me, so I had to tackle beginner issues such as approach anxiety on my own, with only materials such as Roosh's Day Bang and Daygame.com's Blueprint to guide me. Now that I'm trying to go from approach machine to intermediate, which requires sub-communication competency (among other things), the thought of getting a master to help me became alluring - especially when Daygame.com held bootcamps here in the USA.

But then I read the following:


Choice quotes that were relevant to me:
"Success with women is based on habits, not knowledge or a few experiences."

"It takes time to learn. It doesn’t matter how much money you pay, money will not internalise what you need, money will not develop your skill, and money is not a shortcut."

There are other nuggets of wisdom in those posts, but these were the most relevant for me. At the end of the day, I decided that at this point:

1) I still know my sticking points, such as sub-communication, so the amount of money for a bootcamp would only be worth it if I didn't know them.

2) I should enjoy (or at least live with) the learning process. Stop being so needy that you're willing to spend lots of money for something you should've learned from experience and the much-lower-cost materials you already bought.

3) Learning to be good with women is like learning to be good at a sport or a musical instrument. Nobody would go on a football or guitar bootcamp and expect to learn much! Everyone's default there is to train regularly with some guidance, preferably a coach, but possibly just materials. Why is it different for daygame?

This leads me to believe that in the future, daygame will be taught in lesson format, instead of bootcamp format. Now there's a product idea ...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Does location matter?

Sometimes in "the community," seemingly conflicting advice is given. One area where this occurs is the answer to the question, "does location matter?" Some say it matters a lot (http://www.rooshv.com/the-busted-dudes-test), and some some say it matters little (http://www.returnofkings.com/17400/the-strength-of-your-game-is-situation-independent).

Instead of rehashing those arguments, let's borrow an analogy instead.

Think of dating as a market, where males and females trade. Each trader has a different amount of market value. What makes up that market value is detailed well here: http://krauserpua.com/2014/01/23/tom-torero-guest-post-male-sexual-market-value/.

Rolling with the market analogy, there isn't just one universal market for dating. This is because there are high (but not insurmountable) barriers to trading market value across long distances.

Instead, we have a bunch of markets. Each one is separated to a different extent from the others, and each one has a different composition of traders in it. These two factors determine the prices and quantities at which male and female market values are traded. Since the two factors differ, the prices and quantities must differ. TL;DR:

Yes, location matters. But ...

The extent to which the two factors differ is subject to debate. How separated are dating markets? How much does the composition of traders in each market differ?

The smart trader doesn't care about these questions though. That person simply does both of the below to the most profitable extent:

1) Increasing their own market value, and,
2) Finding/creating the most separated dating market with the most favorable composition of competitors and customers.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thoughts on Going from Approach Machine to Intermediate

Check out this short TED talk from female model Cameron Russell:

This made me think of a few things relevant to the London Daygame Model, in my efforts to transition from approach machine to intermediate:

1) Telling an attractive girl she's attractive is like telling a lottery winner he's rich. There's no point doing it. That's why most London Daygame Models have you say in the opener, at most, "you look really nice." It just explains to her why you stopped her. Commenting about something she DOES that is attractive - like walking like a model, or wearing crazy-high heels - is different, because she didn't just win the genetic lottery on that.

2) There's a reason why the attraction/vibe and rapport phases exist in the London Daygame Model. As a beginner and an approach machine, you're tempted to think these are just buttons you press to get girls interested in you. But girls aren't robots. They can probably sense when you're just going through the motions. No, the point is:

The attraction/vibe and rapport phases exist for you and the girl to screen each other for ... guess what? Attraction/vibe and rapport!

In fact, the whole London Daygame Model is one big screening process for you and the girl:

Capture - screening for physical attraction
Attraction/vibe - screening for emotional attraction
Rapport - screening for mental attraction
Seduction - screening for sexual attraction

I think to go from approach machine to intermediate, I need to see this process as enjoyable, like opening an endless supply of Christmas presents to find what I want, instead of viewing it as a bunch of interviews-where-I-make-assumptions-instead-of-questions.

As a side note (and also as a convenient segue to my next point), notice how I keep saying you and the girl, not just you. Like it or not, the girl is screening you too, so if she's not into you on all of the above, you're out. Don't believe the marketing hype that says you can get any girl. But don't despair, that brings me to my next point.

3) Beauty isn't as rare as you think. When I first heard about the video above, my first thought was, "Cameron Russell? That sounds like a male movie director's name. Who's Cameron Russell?" Even after seeing the video, I doubt I'll associate the name with the face. My guess is you won't associate the two either. They'll probably just blend inside your brain with all the other fashion models you've had almost no choice but be exposed to in the media. In fact, the exception here is that if you remember her, it'll probably be as, "that model that gave that TED talk," which has nothing to do with her beauty.

Daygame also starts to convince you of this point. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, or you've set your standards high (likely as a subconscious avoidance trap), you'll find yourself attracted to seemingly endless amounts of girls as you go about your life. Not all of them, and not all equally, don't get me wrong, but more than what you thought. Before you get into Daygame, your conscious mind isn't trained to look for them. You actually don't "see" them. Only in special circumstances (for example, in the media, at a pool/beach party, at a bar/club, or if she's so attractive your DNA overrides you) does your mind acknowledge them. Hence why most guys act as if beauty is rare.*

Bringing it back to my attempt to go from approach machine to intermediate, and taking the above to its next logical step, my guess is my sticking point is this:

While I no longer see beauty as rare, I still see attracting it as rare.

I cringed inside when I wrote the second half of that sentence. Why? It's needy. But my guess is this hurdle will only be resolved like the other ones: daygaming, processing feedback, and daygaming some more, until I have enough reference experiences to prove to myself that attracting beauty isn't rare, it just requires finesse, or social muscle memory.

* Subpoint: One could argue that beauty is getting rarer over time, due to factors such as increasing obesity, but that's for another post.