Monday, July 21, 2014

How Much Game is Enough?

In my opinion, one of the best sections of Krauser's book, Daygame Mastery, is the last one just before the postscript, entitled, "Special Situations 3: Care and Maintenance." Among other ideas, Krauser seems to speak from experience when he says three things:

1) Game can become addictive.
2) Game will not make you happy.
3) Only self-acceptance can make you happy.

In the past, when I read it, I understood it, but I didn't truly believe it. Game - addictive?! It was a chore! Well, at least until I did the first approach of a session. Then I'd always want more, since usually the first approach was just a warm-up one.

But now, things are starting to change. After a daygame session today, I still wanted more! Like a good school boy, I re-consulted Krauser's book on this developing addiction, but didn't quite find the answer I was looking for.

Should I keep feeding the addiction? On one hand, it's consuming more and more of my life. On the other hand, I'm not sure I have enough Game to be satisfied before I leave the West in June 2015*.

And that's when I thought of this analogy:

Game is like money.

Here's how the analogy works: you need an increasing amount of each to:

1) Live ($/G)
2) Be comfortable ($$/GG)
3) Feed the addiction for it, if you have one ($$$/GGG)

To further elaborate:

1) To live - a small amount of money/Game is required to function in society. With technology, this amount is shrinking, but at this point in human history, you still need to pay/talk to other human beings to eat and sleep.

2) To be comfortable - a higher amount of money/Game is required to be comfortable in society. Being only able to pay/talk enough to live is not enough to regularly sleep in a decent place / with decent women.

3) Feed the addiction for it, if you have one - ever-increasing amounts are required at this stage. As you go from places/women that are 5's, to 6,'s, then to 7's, etc., the money/Game required increases exponentially (not linearly).

So what's the answer after all this mental masturbation? Obviously it's the middle path - to be comfortable. Now what does that mean for my daygame? Now I get to put down a concrete goal for myself:

Now - approach machine: 1 date/month that passes the boner test (thanks Roosh)
Goal - intermediate: 1 lay/month that passes the boner test

* Leaving the West in June 2015 is a convenient month: it's when my lease ends, when I have one year in my new job, and most importantly, when I can be reasonably sure my retirement savings will last, in light of the recent bull market. I'll also be able to scout out destinations before then.

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