Friday, September 26, 2014

Why and How You Should Fight Feminism

Why You Should Fight Feminism:

As one absorbs the effects of taking the red pill, one inevitably comes to the question: "Should I ignore feminism? Should I fight it? Should I join it? Is it worth the effort?" An extension of that question then arises: "Would I want feminism to spread outside the West, which I happen to be escaping, due primarily to its women? Would I want other men and women - including my own sons and daughters, if I have any - to have no choice?"

As you might see what I just implied, motivation for fighting feminism can be split in two camps: selfish reasons, and altruistic reasons.

Selfish reason: I like masculine women about as much as women like feminine men. Don't get me wrong, I like drinking buddies, and I'm sure women love shopping with their friends, but no sexual attraction is to be had in either case; no yin to the yang.

Altruistic reason: Civilization is better for everyone. Among other things, it requires beta male competition and contribution. Humans do not reproduce asexually for a variety of good reasons (faster evolution, more varied evolution, etc). However, beta males will drop out if they cannot earn sufficient incentives to compete and contribute. If forced, they will waste most of their energy attempting to circumvent such force and become alpha, instead of competing and contributing. Unfortunately, lower-income African-American communities are an example of beta males dropping out.

How You Should Fight Feminism:

The key here is not to fight feminists, per se, since they will not even consider anything you say, even if you are a woman who opposes feminism. The reason for that is that it is not in their self-interest to consider your points, no matter how logical they are. For them to do so would be to reduce the flow of otherwise forced redistribution of power in their favor.

No, the key here, in those fights with feminists, is to win the hearts and minds of those who can be converted - the people in the middle. The key here is to get these folks unplugged from the Matrix. However, they cannot be forcibly unplugged. Until they are unplugged, they are still a part of said Matrix, and may even defend it, in complete contrast to their self-interest, never mind their altruistic one. What must happen then is that they must be guided to unplug themselves. It starts with providing the explanations for the seemingly small glitches inherent in the Matrix, such as "why do girls like jerks?" and "but why do girls say they like nice guys?" Once they dig deeper and find that the red-pill manosphere provides a consistent framework that explains what they used to see as unexplainable, they will never go back to seeing it as unexplainable, and they will reject inconsistent competing frameworks, such as feminism.

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