Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Rooshing It" Isn't Entirely New

Was out to dinner with my dad when I asked him this question:

"Why did you come to the United States from Asia?"

His reply:

"It was quite competitive to get a good education there, but it was fine, especially for me. What wasn't obvious was that it was going to get even more competitive. Leaving seemed better for the future."

I knew his brothers only came to the US decades later, so I asked:

"Why didn't your brothers come with you?"

My dad:

"Everything at the time was fine there, so they saw no reason to go struggle in a foreign land, no matter what I theorized about the future."

I then asked:

"Now that you're all here, do you feel you got "first-mover" advantage?"


"Yes. It did get more competitive over there, and their delay made it more costly for them to come here."

While asking these questions, I already knew it applied to my situation. The only difference was that while he was concerned about increasing competition for education in Asia, I'm concerned about increasing competition for women in the US. But thankfully, the solution remains the same: immigrating.

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