Friday, October 24, 2014

Feminism: Nice Girls Finish Last Too

I remember in my blue-pill days going on a date with an attractive mid-twenties Chinese graduate student. She spoke unusually good English and was dressed quite well (by American standards), pairing a classy set of black heels with a respectable black dress. Oddly enough, she played no games either. In fact, she just cut straight to the chase and asked if I wanted to catch a movie with her. I agreed, since at the time I didn't know a movie date was the worst way to get to know someone. I expected to pay for her ticket, but she was unusually resourceful and paid for her own ticket, since she had done the research necessary to get them for free as a student. After the movie, we went to get drinks and an appetizer, where we had some good conversation (that I can't remember now) before I dropped her off at her house.

Overall, the date went well, according to my blue-pill standards then.

She must have thought the same too, since a few days later, she asked for another date.

At this point, I began to think this was too good to be true. "Women are supposed to be difficult," I thought. "She's too nice ... She must have some ulterior motive ... Ah, she must want a green card!" (Despite me knowing many Chinese students from my student days going back to China because there were more opportunities for them there). Even if she was a US citizen, my brain probably would've cooked up a similarly unfounded explanation ("She must have a kid or two" comes to mind).

So I broke it off with her and never saw her again.

Looking back at it now, I realize how blue-pill brainwashed I was. I rejected a girl for being too nice! And it's not like I was going to marry her the next day. I didn't even give her a chance!

Of course I can't go back and change the past - so there's no use regretting anything - but I can learn and apply in the future:

If a girl seems to like you, see if it's true, and reward truly good behavior. Don't think you can overcome bad behavior with positive feedback - you're just rewarding it.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

What You're Really in the Game For

Here's a funny insight that can be applied to the difference between going abroad for love, and going abroad for sex, by the late Patrice O'Neal:

TL;DR (but funnier in the video clip):

"O’Neal challenged the women in the audience to tell him how they’d keep their man if they’d lost their pussy. After hearing a litany of other sexual acts from women in the audience, he points out that how is he such a bad guy when every women who answered just 'classified yourselves as a series of holes.'"

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Rooshing It" Isn't Entirely New

Was out to dinner with my dad when I asked him this question:

"Why did you come to the United States from Asia?"

His reply:

"It was quite competitive to get a good education there, but it was fine, especially for me. What wasn't obvious was that it was going to get even more competitive. Leaving seemed better for the future."

I knew his brothers only came to the US decades later, so I asked:

"Why didn't your brothers come with you?"

My dad:

"Everything at the time was fine there, so they saw no reason to go struggle in a foreign land, no matter what I theorized about the future."

I then asked:

"Now that you're all here, do you feel you got "first-mover" advantage?"


"Yes. It did get more competitive over there, and their delay made it more costly for them to come here."

While asking these questions, I already knew it applied to my situation. The only difference was that while he was concerned about increasing competition for education in Asia, I'm concerned about increasing competition for women in the US. But thankfully, the solution remains the same: immigrating.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Where To Live in a City to Get Laid

When I first moved to Atlanta, I didn't even know what game was. But knowing what I know now, I would've moved to a different part of the city:

Where the tourist girls go

Don't get me wrong, my current location isn't bad (decent foot traffic, especially for Atlanta), but most of that traffic is local. That's great if you want a relationship (though the red-pill manosphere cautions against doing this with Western women), but if you want lays (without hookers), then it's well-known throughout the red-pill manosphere that tourists are easier.

That place in Atlanta? Downtown, specifically Peachtree, near the Hard Rock Cafe.

Think about: no logistical barrier for you to go out, and no logistical barrier for her to come back to your place.

The time to go? Likely when Krauser recommends in Daygame Mastery - as I recall that's around 8p.

Don't just Game hard, Game smart.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Birds, The Fish, and The Bacteria

One day, as some birds swooped down from the sky to catch some fish, the fish said to the birds:

"It's not fair that you're going to eat us! We're victims!"

For whatever reason, the birds took this to heart, and decided not to catch any more fish. The fish then went on their way, until they decided to catch some bacteria. The bacteria then said to the fish:

"It's not fair that you're going to eat us! We're victims too!"

The fish, not wanting to be hypocritical, decided not to catch any more bacteria. The bacteria then went on their way, until they decided to catch the bodies of dead birds. The birds that were still alive said to the bacteria:

"It's not fair that you're going to eat us! We're victims as well!"

The bacteria, not wanting to be hypocritical either, decided not to catch the dead birds.  The birds that were still alive then went on their way, and now there were no victims in the ecosystem. Everyone was happy.

But then the birds started getting hungry. They couldn't eat the fish though, because that would be hypocritical. So they starved to death.

Similarly, the fish started getting hungry. But they couldn't eat the bacteria, because that would also be hypocritical. So they starved to death as well.

The bacteria were also getting hungry. They couldn't eat the birds that were dying of hunger though, because that too would be hypocritical. So the bacteria also starved to death.

Everyone was now dead, but at least there were no victims in the ecosystem.

BRIC Weddings

I just noticed that all the wedding fridge magnets I have have brides from BRIC countries. So I have one fridge magnet where the bride is Brazilian, one where the bride is Russian, one where the bride is Indian, and one where the bride is Chinese.

I have none where the bride is American.


I think not.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Not All (Western) Women Are Like That" Is True, But ...

Reading the red-pill manosphere, one might think that the West only has women that are fat and entitled. Of course, if you actually explore Western women, you'll eventually meet some that actually bother to put in efforts similar to your own. Thus, "not all (Western) women are like that," right?

Unfortunately, while technically true, this statement dangerously ignores economics: specifically, probabilities in the sexual market.

For example, instead of thinking, "are there any good Western women?", the thinking should be, "what is the probability of meeting good women in the West, as oppose to abroad?"

Subquestions can help answer those questions - if posed correctly. Here are more examples:

Limited: "Are Western women worth it?"
Probabilistic: "What is the likelihood my efforts will be rewarded in the West, as opposed to abroad?"

Limited: "Does modern Western culture threaten traditional families?"
Probabilistic: "What are the chances that a traditional family will succeed in the West, as opposed to abroad?"

Here's something not related to women, that might have you in the West temporarily, given the current world situation:

Limited: "Is the West the best place to make lots of money?"
Probabilistic: "What is the likelihood I can make lots of money in the West, as opposed to abroad?"

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Why Feminism Can't Offer Men Self-Improvement Advice

Ever notice the dearth of feminist advice for men (other than to accept a woman regardless of almost any faults)? It's simple - it's because it would be hypocritical to do so. If feminists offered men self-improvement advice to help them do better with women, then they would also have to do the same for women in regards to men. But then, that would directly contradict their current message to women, which consists of extremely delusional self-acceptance. So, don't expect any help from them - just requests for handouts, like #HeForShe and #ItsOnUs - which you will NOT be rewarded for. If you don't believe me, go ahead and see the rage you'll get if you dare ask for it. So, don't bother looking to feminism for help. Go with the folks that are offering you real help. Go with the red-pill manosphere.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

How to Find the Truth in Contradicting Opinions

If you've read the manosphere more than briefly, you've probably noticed opinions that contradict each other. For a while I thought they had to be reconciled - did one opinion apply in some way that the contradicting opinion could still be valid? Or was one just wrong and the other right?

For these situations, I'm going to lift a Buddhist concept called "the Middle Path." Basically, don't think of an opinionated argument as one or the other - think of it as a spectrum, with extremes on the left and the right, and the truth in the middle. Note that you have to define the extremes properly to determine the middle, or else you'll think something is a middle when it's actually to the left or right. Also note that this only works when there are extreme opinions to begin with - there's no opinion that 1 + 1 is anything but 2.

To better illustrate, let's run through three examples.

Work on your Game before going abroad?

One hypothetical extreme:

"No, don't bother with Game - just by looking abroad, you can be a fat slob with no social skills, and expect supermodels to fall in your lap. You don't even have to go abroad, just bring them back to the West! And oh, by the way, take a look at my dating website with foreign women ..."
(HappierAbroad sometimes veers toward this).

Hypothetical extreme on the other end:
"Yes, become a complete and total master of Game in the West, because only by doing so will you get even passable girls abroad. Girls are the same everywhere, regardless of the sexual market they're in. And oh, by the way, take a look at my Game books, videos, and coaching sessions ..."
(The big London Daygame names sometimes veer toward this).

The Middle Path:
"The more you put into Game in the West, the more you'll get out of it abroad. But the grass is greener there, at every Game level. Take a look at my books if you like, they're so cheap that I'm practically giving them away ..."
(Roosh is pretty close to this).

How much should I fight feminism?

One hypothetical extreme:
"Just ignore it. With enough Game, you can overcome anything! By the way, I'm in Eastern Europe right now, because the women are more feminine here, and there's NO WAY feminism could come here, right?"
(The London Daygame guys sometimes veer toward this).

Hypothetical extreme on the other end:
"Thou shalt have no other life but to fight feminism! Forget fulfilling the personal or altruistic reasons you're fighting for in the first place!"
(The Men's Rights Movement sometimes veers toward this).

The Middle Path:
"Fight feminism efficiently. Don't forget the other projects in your life."
(Again, Roosh is the closest big name in my mind to this).

Do looks matter?

One hypothetical extreme:
"No, you could be a bug-eyed alien, and with enough Game, you could get supermodels at will! Just buy my books, videos, coaching sessions, etc."
(The London Daygame guys, sometimes, again).

Hypothetical extreme on the other end:
"Yes, looks are all that matters. You could be a male 10 and run 100% anti-Game, and still get supermodels at will!"
(Not too far from typical blue-pill thinking).

The Middle Path:
"Looks matter, so do what you can to improve them. It's easier than improving your Game, but there's a limit, and everyone's limits are different. But, if you're not a male 10, you still might be able to compete with one, if you've put in the hard work to have enough Game to exceed his looks and Game."
(Again, Roosh is the closest big name here).

Hopefully these examples have shown the usefulness of the Middle Path concept. Enjoy!