Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Finding a Place Abroad: Why More Internet Research Isn't Always Better

There's only so much research on the internet you can do on finding a place to live abroad. While you might find consensus on certain topics, such as Eastern Europe / South America / Southeast Asia being better for finding girls than the West, you'll inevitably find debate as you dig deeper. Questions like:

Which is best between Eastern Europe, South America, or Southeast Asia?

Which is best for me, given x, y, and z factors?

I think it's at this point, where the questions become so individually-tailored, that it's time to do the unthinkable:

Put some work in and actually visit these places yourself.

The alternative is to waste time on the internet forums reading the endless debates. Never mind the fact that these guys may be vastly different from each other, not to mention you. They may also have visited for reasons different than your own - if they visited at all. For all you know, they may be passing secondhand knowledge off as firsthand, just to get an ego-boost.

Yes, it takes time and resources to visit these places. But just think of that as another barrier to entry into these markets. That barrier prevents your weaker-willed Western male competitors from going. More importantly, as long as it exists, it'll keep them from coming, once you're there.

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