Sunday, November 16, 2014

Poznan, Poland: Second Impressions

Did some daygame today at the Stary Browar mall. Most importantly, I confirmed it for myself - the girls are indeed nicer than the ones in Atlanta. Whether that niceness translates into something more though, such as dates, would require the Roosh-recommended stay of at least two weeks, if not at least a month. That makes me wonder whether this scout trip was worth it, but I'd counter myself by saying that the odds for success are obviously better - just open your eyes! The average Poznan girl puts more effort into attracting men, such as better dressing and behavior, than the average Western girl. On a related note, one Poznan girl I talked to said she could identify German girls - who are genetically close - by their sloppier appearance. I actually rephrased that as "casual" on another girl, thus assuming she was German, and lo-and-behold ... she was actually a German here on business! The German girl noted that all the Polish girls at the mall "look like they're going to work" ... "yeah," I thought, "they are at work ... to get men. God forbid they actually have to do so ..."

Plan for tomorrow: book trips to Sofia, Bulgaria Tuesday-Wednesday, and Kiev, Ukraine Thursday-Friday. Pipeline for the Kiev visit so I won't be playing the "find the English-speaker" game.

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