Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Take a Look Around

What do you think is holding you back from the dating success you want?

I bet a few things came to your mind right off the bat. Maybe it's your height, your race, or other things you can't control.

I'm here to tell you those things don't really matter, because of one overriding factor.

Before I got into daygame, in my blue-pill total chode days, I thought my race was holding me back. I identify as an Asian-American male, so I just figured I was near or at the bottom of the dating totem pole; never mind that people thought I was Hispanic upon first meeting them.

Now I'm not going to say that daygame and the red-pill manosphere instantly turned me into a world-renowned player. But, I will say that it did make me aware of the following:

1) With enough work, nearly anything is possible. The question is: how much work are you willing to put in? How much is worth it - to you?

2) With dating options now available outside my multiracial social circle and outside work (which I'd never do), thanks to daygame, I was able to observe what you may have read about, but may not have internalized. It's the one overriding factor I mentioned earlier:

Male thirst is almost everywhere in the Western world, and it doesn't really discriminate.

Take a look around. Coming from a blue-pill perspective though, it won't be obvious. In my social circle, I saw it manifest in the following ways:

1) Okay-looking mid-20's white girl flirts with okay-looking mid-20's white guy for attention. Guy reciprocates. Girl dares guy to do something that may obviously injure himself. Guy is so thirsty he responds like a Pavlovian dog and does it without hesitation, injuring himself.

2) Late 30's white woman dates mid 30's white man, both okay-looking and decently-employed. Woman leaves man for a temporary career opportunity in a larger city.

3) Good-looking mid-20's white guy actually bothers to entertain a long-distance relationship with an okay-looking early-20's white girl. You know where this is going. Girl dumps guy.

I could list more examples, but for me, just observing firsthand the male thirst of these three decent white guys showed me how thirsty most men are in the Western world, regardless of the usual factors such as race, looks, etc. Granted, some men climb the mountain that is Game far enough to reduce or eliminate their thirst, but for most, the mountain is steep, and I'm afraid to say it's getting steeper with time. But I encourage you to take a look around when you think about what's holding you back from the dating success that you want, and see for yourself firsthand. Then, more importantly, don't whine or complain about it; take action. I don't know about you, but I'm planning on voting with my feet.

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