Monday, December 8, 2014

An Explanation for Roosh's #1 Travel Tip?

Here's a possible explanation for why Roosh's tip to go to places where you don't look like the locals helps:

r-selection hindbrain: "This person of the opposite sex does not look like me, and therefore is unlikely to be related to me. I feel attraction."

This stands in contrast to:

K-selection hindbrain: "This person of the opposite sex looks like me, and therefore must be a member of the tribe. I feel comfort."

Of course, as anyone in the manosphere will tell you, looks aren't everything. But considering that most guys lean on the K-selection side (at least without Game), having an external factor (your look) help with the r-selection side may be worth some investment. That usually means relocating, since most folks are born in a place where they look like everyone else around them.

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