Sunday, November 29, 2015

How Running Game in America Helped Me Move Abroad

I know what you're thinking.

Of course running Game in America helped you move abroad! You learned that American women aren't worth it!

While that's true, that's actually not the biggest way that Game helped me move abroad.

When I decided to quit my job and leave the West in July of 2014, a year before I actually did it, I'd been attempting to date in Atlanta for four years.

Despite having met a previous girlfriend through an indirect day approach (before I learned any Game), I started off with online dating. Technology reduced my work in many areas of my life, so why not dating?

As you probably know, that did not pan out anywhere near where I thought it would. As I worked harder at it by improving my profile, using more sites, and sending more messages, I did get a few dates, and even fewer lays, but I was definitely putting more work into it than it was worth.

After two years of that, I stumbled upon "the manosphere" while looking for online dating hacks. One was to use a browser script to automatically "like" every girl in OkCupid's Tinder-like game, thereby uncovering all the girls who "liked" you. It was a small risk (at least in my mind) to try this and the other hacks, since they could get me kicked off. But at that point, I figured I had nothing to lose. So try I did, and they yielded a correspondingly small improvement in my work rate.

However, the results still weren't up to snuff. Thanks to "the manosphere" though, I decided in mid-2013 to give Roosh's "Day Bang" a try (as well as start lifting and eating seriously). At the time, the idea of even indirectly approaching girls serially, to ask them out on a date, was foreign to me. It seemed risky. But again, I figured I had nothing to lose.

The results were definitely better - no more fatties for me - but still not good enough. After a few months, I felt I was wasting tons of time with this indirect approach, so I looked for something else. And that's when I found "Daygame Blueprint" by

Now here was something even more risky. Instead of hiding my dick for what seemed like an eternity, only to likely be shot down at the end, here we were going to what seemed like a more direct approach. Again, I figured I had nothing to lose.

The results were better still - less time wasted on "no date" girls, so more time to find the "maybe date" and the few "yes date" girls. In the meantime, thanks to Roosh and the guys on his forum, I'd heard that foreign girls in certain parts of the world were better than those in America. I did a few scout trips, and saw the tip of the iceberg of what they were talking about.

After many more months of Gaming as a part-time job, I was fed up with American girls. Move abroad? Now there's a risk. But again, I figured I had nothing to lose.

Here's the key: thanks to "the manosphere," I'd already and inadvertently been progressively taking bigger and bigger risks, through Game. I went from hiding behind a computer screen to meet girls, to jogging after them to "tell them they look nice." So when I made my decision in July of 2014, I was ready to take such a big risk.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Is Pursuing Happiness Like Pursuing a Cat?

Anyone who's been around cats knows how to pursue them. What you don't do is directly pursue them, since more often than not, they simply run away.

Instead, what you do is you simply "set a trap" for the cat, such that it comes to you. You still have to take action - in this case, "setting the trap" - but you don't go to the extreme of directly chasing the cat.

Coincidentally, one observation I've made about some of the star PUAs in the manosphere is that they don't seem as happy as their star notch counts would suggest. Like directly chasing the cat, it seems directly chasing happiness doesn't work.

Of course, not taking any action to pursue the cat or happiness is less likely to yield results than some pursuit.

I guess in the end, it's all about balance. The Middle Path appears again!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Way to Quickly Determine if a Location is Good for Marriage?

A rough idea, but here are some questions you can ask:

1) How many young girls are pushing strollers versus going to school or work?

2) What seems to be the average SMV (sexual market value) of the girls pushing strollers (how hot are they)? What about the girls going to school or work?

3) How many children are young girls walking around with?

Friday, November 6, 2015

Lviv, Ukraine: First Impressions

Came here for a few days for several reasons:

1) I needed to do a Polish border run to reset my visa.
2) Because of #1, I figured I might as well scout a new location.
3) It's cheap to get to from Poland.
4) It's close to Poland.
4) It's cheap to stay in.
5) Thanks to the Roosh V Forum, I heard the women were worth it.

Here's what I observed:

1) I get more stares here than in Kiev, but less than in 2nd-tier Poland. About the same as Warsaw.

2) The women are definitely Ukrainian. More heels, legs, and makeup than their Polish counterparts, but less curves. Definitely more brunettes than blondes. Not as many Mediterranean-looking girls as Kiev though.

3) Lots of students relative to the general population. This seems to be the youngest city I've been to.

4) The city seems more conducive to street day game than Kiev is. While most people in Kiev get around using public transit, in Lviv, the city seems small enough - or the public transit is limited enough - that most people walk.

5) The only minorities I saw in any significant numbers were African students. They usually travel in groups.

Overall, the city definitely seems worth spending a month in to figure out.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Should You Move Your Daygame From K-Selected to r-Selected?

With more daygame experience under my belt, I now think I understand more why the London daygame guys - especially Krauser - advocate r-selected daygame, especially if you want to bang the hottest girls.

The thing with most attractive girls - and especially the hottest girls - is that there's rarely even a moment when her boyfriend slot isn't filled. And let's not forget her backlog of potential replacements, usually well-vetted through her social circle.

The reason for that is that most guys lean towards being beta, or K-selected. This serves them well as contributing members of society, helping them navigate professional circles, as well as social ones. It's usually only when they stumble upon being a little more alpha, or r-selected, that they fall into the boyfriend slot, usually through their social circle.

But as most Game guys have found, there's another slot to be had: the lover.

This slot usually isn't filled with a candidate with the duration of a boyfriend, since most guys aren't alpha or r-selected enough to fill it. Most guys are normal. For more traditional girls, the lover slot may exist only fleetingly - if at all. But, as we all know, feminism is making short work of these traditional girls.

Krauser has some nice detail about the pros and cons of r-selected daygame versus K-selected daygame in Daygame Mastery and his other resources. As I understand it, one is not necessarily easier than the other. With r-selected daygame - sexualized eye contact, body language, voice tonality, etc - you get more blowouts, so you get fewer leads (though the leads are "sexier"). In contrast, with K-selected daygame, you get more numbers, but then you have to stack up against her list of boyfriend requirements, which are always longer than her list of lover requirements.

With r-selected daygame, and especially with the hottest girls, it therefore also stands to reason that if you do bang her, she will have cheated on her boyfriend. I suppose that is the moral price to pay if you want to bang the hottest girls. And if you're a "enjoy the decline" manosphere guy - H/T to Aaron Clarey for writing said entitled book - then my guess is why bother with morals if you're "enjoying the decline" by banging the hottest girls?