How I Got Into This ...

(adapted from this Cafe forum post: What's your story behind pickup?,5199.0.html)

In early 2013, a buddy at work told me about Neil Strauss' "The Game."

Mind-blowing stuff at the time, since I was a classic chode/blue-pill guy then - one serious gf back in grad school, and less than a handful of lays from online dating.

After "The Game," I read JT Tran's ABCDEF blog posts, and applied that once while out with my friends at a nightclub with a girl in the group, and it actually worked. Never was a night-clubber though, so I didn't apply myself.

Stumbled across Roissy/Heartiste and Roosh after that, while looking for online dating tips. Intrigued, I read Bang and Day Bang. Did Roosh's style of indirect daygame for a month or so and almost laid a girl I at the time thought was out of my league from it (not even sure I knew what the letters LMR stood for then).

After that, I read Krauser's Daygame Nitro and watched Daygame Blueprint. Switched to that style of daygame and bought The Girlfriend Sequence and Krauser's Daygame Mastery.

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