Saturday, November 22, 2014

Western Men: Not Sex-Deprived, but Feminity-Deprived

If you really think about it, Western men aren't sex-deprived. Of course, the amount of non-prostitute sex he gets depends on his status within the sliding alpha-beta scale, but at worst, he could resort to prostitution. No, what Western men are looking for is something different. Patrice O'Neal attempts to describe that here with Howard Stern (listen for the first three minutes):

The word he's looking for is femininity. I'll admit, when I first heard this clip, I couldn't describe what he was saying either. Now, with a scout trip to Eastern Europe under my belt, it's pretty obvious that that's the word.

What these revelations point to is how removed Western men are from experiencing femininity. Think about it: if sex were the only deficit for Western men, they'd be fine having sex with any pretty much anything, including their own hand. But these things aren't feminine, and that's why they're unhappy.

Tallinn, Estonia: First Impressions

After coming from Kiev, Tallinn is obviously a drop in quality. Less makeup, more hipster, and fewer heels. These I expected, but it's always good to confirm what some random guys on the Internet say. There are more blondes here, but even my hind-brain gives the advantage to the hard-working Kiev girls over the few blondes who actually dress up here. Spotted a few fatties and skrillex haircuts too, another notable drop from Kiev. It's Saturday here though, which as I understand may mean day-trippers from Helsinki, coming over here for the cheaper shopping. I probably got IOIs at the same rate at Poznan, but those girls put more effort in, in my opinion - or at least they prefer the classy look over the hipster one.

As a result, the plan I discussed in my previous post still stands. Still want to hit the spots I mentioned in another post, especially the coffee-growing region of Columbia.

Overall, this scout trip was definitely worth it. I would never had guessed that I'd cross Sofia off my list, as well as Tallinn. I'm surprised that Poznan is still on the list, and I'm also surprised that I got any IOIs in Kiev.

Kiev, Ukraine: Second Impressions

One thing I noticed today while fishing and forcing IOIs was that the younger girls (around 22) would return them more often than the older girls (around 28). I was originally going to say this was because there's a preference for an age gap (I'm in my early 30s), which may still be true, but it also may be true that the older girls are already taken, given the cultural pressure to marry by 25, as I understand. Unfortunately, forcing IOIs means I can't check for rings, which are difficult to see in the winter anyway, due to girls being bundled up.

At this point, my July exodus plan looks like this:
1) Retire to Poznan.
2) Hunt in English.
3) Learn Ukrainian, thus making Kiev a backup option.

While Kiev has the hotter girls, they seem as cold as the winter. In my mind, I'd prefer the sweet girl-next-door over the cold model.

Next step:
I'm trying to get to Tallinn as I type this. If that fails, it'll be time to head home. But I will visit Tallinn one way or another.

P.S. In Kiev I noticed some of the girls looked at my shoes after IOI'ing - so make sure you dress well, as it shows you have money.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kiev, Ukraine: First Impressions

The girls:
Even in the waiting area in Munich Airport for the flight to Kiev, I already noticed that Ukrainian girls put even more effort into their appearance, on average, than any other set of girls I've seen before, including Poles and Bulgarians. On top of that, before officially setting foot in Ukraine, I noticed that the girl guard at customs had managed to wear her uniform in such a way as to emphasize her figure. The feminine overload continued with the hotel receptionist; plus it didn't hurt that she showed me to my room, which usually only happens at high-end places. Finally, walking around the streets of downtown Kiev tonight, again, it was pretty clear that this was the highest average effort I'd seen.

That being said, while the girls in Kiev are certainly blonder, on average, than those from Sofia, they're less blonde than those from Poznan. I'm now pretty confident I have a thing for blondes, which before this scout trip, I didn't really know I had. I guess in Fatlanta, my eyes had gotten used to taking whatever they could get. Now I've got to see Estonia.

The competition:

I'd say the average Ukrainian guy is less competitive than his Bulgarian cousin, who in turn is less competitive than his Polish cousin. Inversely, the average Ukrainian guy seems to be more of the Slavic "thug/hustler" stereotype than his Bulgarian cousin, who in turn is more of that stereotype than his Polish cousin. (Note that what I'm saying about the average guy and girl is just that - an average. You'll find put-together guys and sloppy-looking girls in these places too, just not in the screwed up percentages in Fatlanta.)

Perhaps inevitably, on my way from the bus stop to my hotel, at evening rush hour, I saw two obviously drunk Ukrainian guys. On top of that, at dinner tonight, I sat at the small bar next to a Ukrainian guy, who also was obviously drunk. Not knowing the stereotype, you'd think it was coincidence, but in my mind, it at least supports the assertion that the girls have to compete hard for the non-alcoholics.

Running counter to that, probably to an insignificant extent, there were three obvious Turks on my flight. The first thing I thought of - and what the Ukrainian passengers probably thought too - was that these Turks were sex tourists.

The girls' reaction to me:

I'm catching and forcing a few more IOIs here than in Sofia, but certainly not at the level of Poznan. While this supports the assertion that guys should go to places where the local guys don't look them, in the back of my mind, I'm also wondering if it's a Slavic thing to IOI less than Western girls, since the more Slavic a girl's environment is, the more severe the consequences she faces from poor emotional control. Some of the stares were quite stoic, but that's probably just who they are. Part of me thought that these stares were IODs, but the Ukrainians I've had to interact with just today have been friendly, sometimes going slightly out of their way to do so.

Everything else:
Kiev seems like Sofia, but with even less English, which had less English than Poznan. Again, automation such as ATMs and Google Translate can help, but it's pretty obvious that language here is even more of a market entry barrier

Next steps:
Enjoy Kiev.
Figure out how to get home on Saturday/Sunday ... to Fatlanta.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sofia, Bulgaria: First Impressions

Definitely got fewer IOIs - even when attempting to force them, by looking into oncoming girls' eyes - than in Poznan. This occurred both in the streets of downtown Sofia, and at the mall ironically named, "The Mall." I think this goes back to Roosh's number one tip video - go to where the guys don't look like you. I'm not blond-haired and blue-eyed, so I don't stand out here - but I do in Poznan. I also noticed that almost all the ads aimed at women here feature a blonde-haired and blue-eyed woman, in contrast to Poznan, where the ads tended to feature a Mediterranean woman.

The above though was something I didn't expect, so again, I'm glad I did this scout trip. I figured Poznan girls had seen plenty of Mediterranean guys from Erasmus, so I thought I wouldn't stand out. I also figured Sofian girls, being obviously poorer, but darker, would like me as much as the Poznan girls, but that appears not to be the case.

Sofian girls also aren't as attractive as I figured they would be. That might be my genetics wanting a blond-haired blue-eyed girl - which I didn't really acknowledge until now - but I didn't seem to notice a gap otherwise in the attractiveness between the average Poznan girl and the average Sofian girl. Poznan also benefits from being a college town; Sofia is definitely older.

Keep in mind that with the above being said, both Sofia and Poznan are still much better than Fatlanta. I was still able to force more IOIs her in Sofia than in Fatlanta.

I've also come to the determination that skiing doesn't really matter to me anymore. I've done plenty of skiing already, and it'll serve future projects better if the environment is rigged to my benefit, in terms of girls.

Next steps: go to Kiev and Tallinn. I'd like to get both in now on this trip. Kiev, for obvious reasons, and Tallinn, because the blond percentage is supposed to be even higher than Poznan. Central Scandinavia is supposed to be the blondest place on Earth, but it's also expensive, even in the secondary cities.

Monday, November 17, 2014

My Remaining Scout Trip List, and Where This is Going

Figured I should list my next scout trip destinations as a way of keeping promises to myself:

Quebec City, Quebec - I hear French is the barrier to entry into this dating market, unlike Montreal (which is more expensive anyway), so I'm curious to see if improving my French would be worth it. There's also skiing there, which helps. Being Hispanic-looking may help too (I hear foreigners go to Montreal, if they go to Quebec). Will do this one weekend.

Salt Lake City, Utah - a flight attendant I daygamed to a text-close (no date) was from here. Skiing here is good too and costs are low, for the US. Supposedly attractive and conservative girls here, again for the US. Hopefully not all the girls are Mormon and married off after high school though. Will do this one weekend.

Denver, Colorado - the ski capital of the US. As you may have noticed from the image in the previous post, Colorado seems to lag in fatness. Hopefully the nickname "MENver" isn't true though. Will do this one weekend.

The coffee-growing region of Columbia - based solely on a tip from a Columbian friend, as an alternative to Bogota, Medellin, and Cali. My "native" look there might be looked down on though. Will do this one weekend.

Tallinn, Estonia - based on my experience in Poznan, Poland, I'm pretty sure I'd catch even more IOIs there, since there are supposed to be more blondes there. Too bad there's no skiing for days (all the Scandinavian downhill skiing is in far northern Finland or Sweden), not to mention anything else obvious to do (kinda like Poznan). Will do this on the way to Russia.

Sochi, Russia - supposed to be some amazing skiing here. Add Russian girls and mandatory Russian (barrier to entry) for the win? Definitely going to apply for the Russian visa after my current scout trip. Because I'd also like to see ...

Vladivostok, Russia - Russian girls + expensive flights (barrier to entry) + mandatory Russian (barrier to entry) + really far from Mediterranean sex tourists and British stag parties = win?

A destination I've already scouted prior to this blog (and Game):
Santiago, Chile - while on a business trip here, I took some time to walk through the streets. Again, that was before I even got into Game, but I don't recall catching any IOIs, likely since I look "native" (Chileans are lighter and look down on the natives, which I understand is common in South America, especially Argentina. Happens in Asia too, but anywhere I'd go in Asia (Southeast), I'm pretty sure I'm just normal [though taller and more muscular]).

Hopefully Sofia tomorrow will show that not all ski destinations (outside Russia, anyway) are hopeless sausage-fests ... but if it comes to that, I'll pick girls, since I've already done quite a bit of skiing.

The world is a big place, but thanks to the guys on the Roosh forums and the rest of the manosphere, I don't have to visit foreign skiing places that are turds in terms of girls, such as Italy (since it exports sex tourists). I don't expect to find skiing and poosy paradise as well, especially since Roosh himself seems pretty confident that poosy paradise alone is something that can only be forever chased, never permanently found. Don't get me wrong, I like the project of finding a good place, but I have other projects that require finishing this one.

Poznan, Poland: Third Impressions

This scout trip so far has been worth it. On top of what I've learned over the past two days, today I learned something new while trying to buy a transit ticket to get to the airport tomorrow morning:

There's a not-so-insignificant proportion of the population in Poznan that doesn't speak English.

Sure, some folks speak English, usually the young ones, and for the rest, there's Google Translate ... but if you really want to tap into this dating market, you'll want to learn Polish, preferably at the level of daygaming in it (which is basically fluent). This is similar to my experience in Makati in the Philippines - you can get by with English, but learning Tagalog will take your Game (not to mention your life) there to the next level.

Combining that with all the other observations I've seen, such as logistics, IOIs, etc., and these scout trips will also help me determine which language will be worth focusing on, for my planned July exodus from the 9 to 5 beta male rat race in FATlanta (that's not a typo, look at this timeline of obesity by US state since 1985 - the fatness came from the South:


Tomorrow: Sofia, Bulgaria. I'm excited to see this place, since I wouldn't be moving there just for the women, but also for the nearby skiing and not-too-far beaches, on top of the low cost of living.

I'm also excited to have Kiev penciled in for Thursday and Friday. As far as I've heard there's nothing there but the women, so I'd like to see if Ukranian girls are worth it, and especially to see if they react positively, negatively, or neutrally to me.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Poznan, Poland: Second Impressions

Did some daygame today at the Stary Browar mall. Most importantly, I confirmed it for myself - the girls are indeed nicer than the ones in Atlanta. Whether that niceness translates into something more though, such as dates, would require the Roosh-recommended stay of at least two weeks, if not at least a month. That makes me wonder whether this scout trip was worth it, but I'd counter myself by saying that the odds for success are obviously better - just open your eyes! The average Poznan girl puts more effort into attracting men, such as better dressing and behavior, than the average Western girl. On a related note, one Poznan girl I talked to said she could identify German girls - who are genetically close - by their sloppier appearance. I actually rephrased that as "casual" on another girl, thus assuming she was German, and lo-and-behold ... she was actually a German here on business! The German girl noted that all the Polish girls at the mall "look like they're going to work" ... "yeah," I thought, "they are at work ... to get men. God forbid they actually have to do so ..."

Plan for tomorrow: book trips to Sofia, Bulgaria Tuesday-Wednesday, and Kiev, Ukraine Thursday-Friday. Pipeline for the Kiev visit so I won't be playing the "find the English-speaker" game.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Poznan, Poland: First Impressions

The girls:
The girls in Poznan are indeed prettier and thinner than the ones in Atlanta. They don't seem to be as pretty as what I've seen on the net on Ukraine, but I haven't been to Ukraine ... yet. Definitely more blondes than I anticipated, and definitely more than the white population anywhere in the US, save for maybe being on par with Minneapolis. The heel/flat share seems to about 33/66, as opposed to heels being unusual in the US. Obviously fewer overweight girls, and no obese girls. Short hair is also unusual, but every now and then you'll see it. The girls are wearing tight jeans or yoga pants, as opposed to skirts, likely due to the English "jacket" weather this time of the year. Height is about the same as US white average.

The girls' reaction to seeing me:
Being Hispanic-looking is getting me IOIs here and there, but not nearly as often as my height advantage gave me in Makati in the Philippines.

The competition:
The guys here dress better than the ones in the US - think Western European fashion. However, they seem to be dating their equals or slightly better, as opposed to dating down in the West.
Everything else:
Pros: It's cheap here compared to the West. The hotel I'm staying in is only $18/night, including breakfast. My lunch today, which was a sub and bottled water from one of the supermarkets at Stary Bowar, was less than $3 - the sub alone would've been at least $3 at any grocery store in Atlanta. A lot of the facilities, such as the airport and the Stary Bowar mall - are clean and relatively new. They look like they've been constructed within the last ten or so years. So far I've been able to get around with English.

Cons: I could see things being slightly less convenient here: getting from the airport to the city center by public transit wasn't as admittedly painfully obvious as it is in the West. Gasp, I had to ask for help - which was understood, in English.

Next steps:
Get some sleep to fight off the jet lag. Run some daygame to see if I'm reading the IOIs correctly and to judge the level of English here.