Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More Evidence That Looking for a Good Woman in the West is Like Looking for a Needle in a Haystack

Anecdote 1: The Failure of Return of Queens
Interesting that the site "Return of Queens" has now become "Kings & Queens". An excerpt from their new About page:

What I witnessed, and what has shaped my opinion on why RoQ is not effective and will not ever be is that:

1) Women don’t care enough about themselves to want to become better women.  Not all mind you, but most.  There were only a small handful of women who came to the site who actually seemed interested in becoming more feminine, more supportive of men, or embracing their natural gender roles.  Too many women parroted the social justice warrior and feminist talking points.

Anecdote 2: Why My Friend Who Bangs His Co-Workers, Subordinates, & Roommates is Successful With Girls:
It's classic IDGAF (I don't give a fuck) Alpha-male behavior and mindsets that most Western women find irresistible - mostly because the culture excuses them from resisting. Logically, of course, banging your co-workers, subordinates, and roommates is a bad idea, due to the potential consequences involved. Obviously, however, for him to fly in the face of that, is indeed IDGAF.

Once again, red pill hypotheses explain what purple and blue pill hypotheses don't.

While my friend has been engaged in this behavior for years, it's only with the red pill that I understand why it's happening.

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