Sunday, August 30, 2015

When "Overcoming Limiting Beliefs" Runs Into The Wall of Reality

One idea that permeates Game - and especially RSD - is the idea that you can overcome almost anything, and all that's holding you back are limiting beliefs.

While this is a great mindset for newbies, since most of them are afraid to even talk to girls, this mindset runs into some problems once you take it too far.

And that problem is reality - probability and expected return. As you keep pushing the boundaries, the probability of you achieving success goes down, eventually passing the point where the expected return exceeds the cost.

Think of it this way: are "limiting beliefs" preventing you from being able to punch through a block of steel with your bare hands? Technically, yes, but realistically, no human is ever going to be strong enough to do this. And, most likely, you'll simply break your hand or arm in the process, so the cost will easily exceed the expected return.

The same applies to Game. Are "limiting beliefs" preventing you from being able to get a number/bang/STR/LTR from a walking two-set, sitting three-set, family four-set, etc? Technically, yes, but again, the probability is so low that your expected return will exceed the cost of your time and ego in said sets.

This is why guys in the more-balanced London daygame scene prefer solo sets. Not because they're afraid to open crazy sets (they sometimes do if nothing else is around), but because they've found that solo sets are the best use of their time to get what they want - bangs.

Unlike the RSD guys, the London daygame guys don't approach for the sake of approaching. They're actually socially-calibrated to the reality of solo daygame sets versus twos, threes, etc. Meanwhile, RSD guys are like feminists, who think they can construct their own reality.

But anybody in business can tell you that's not how markets work. Yes, you control some of the factors that determine your selling price (the quality of the girls) and your quantity. But buyers (girls) and other sellers (other guys), who are beyond your control, also determine factors that influence your selling price and quantity. To ignore the buyers and other sellers would be stupid. And so it is with Game.

My guess is that RSD promotes this reality-denial because it sells. "Construct your own reality" sounds better to them and to feminists than "You must work smart and hard to improve yourself, including your social calibration, which means you must actually be open to criticism, direct or indirect."

This also probably explains why they didn't bother to defend Julien Blanc after the mainstream came after him. Like feminists, they would rather "construct their own reality" than actually deal with it. And how can you associate with individuals who each live in their own construct, oblivious to the reality of others around them, including their own leaders? How could you even relate to such people?

Overcoming all limiting beliefs? Meet the wall of reality.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

To My White Buddies in the US

I'm not going to tell this to your faces, but ...

You know how some of you wanted me to stay in the US or come back?

I'm going to tell you right now that you guys are contradicting yourselves.

When you made jokes or subtly implied that Asians such as myself were lower on the American dating totem pole than you were, likely in an effort to boost your own egos, did you think I was going to stick around?

Did you relish telling me something I already knew through my own substandard experiences?

Did you think I was happy being your loser clown?

Did you enjoy laughing behind my back while I worked twice as hard and only got half your results?

Did you enjoy laughing at my plan to go abroad as my method of adapting to a bad situation?

No, I won't be that guy anymore. And now, you have to go find someone else to look down on. Sucks for you.

In the meantime, I'm going to help all the other guys I can escape similar situations. And yes, most of them have been Asian. Because we're tired of being your clowns.

Also, please enjoy the decline of your Western civilization. You can escape too, but unlike us, the egos you inflated by looking down on us won't let you escape a plainly bad situation for an obviously better one abroad.

Unlike us, you still think you have something to lose.

So in a way, thank you for looking down on us. You've actually driven us to escape, while locking yourselves in so you don't compete with us abroad.

You get what you deserve. The future is our time.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Don't Harp On About a Glorious Past

In my family's history, we apparently had some well-off - if not rich - ancestors. Certain people in my extended family would keep talking about these prominent ancestors. They would imply that because these ancestors were great, so were we, and so would our descendants be.

I, like others in my extended family, however, know this is bullshit. Who harps on about their extended family's glorious past like that? The answer: losers - people who couldn't point to their present or future for glory. They only had the past - one they obviously didn't even have a hand in creating.

Now, take that idea, and blow it up from a family, to an entire group of people - a nation or a race.

Who harps on about their group's glorious past, to the exclusion of the present and the future? The same answer: losers, who can only point to the past for their glory, not the present or future.

Another way to think of this is to think of glory as a stock on the market. The same rules apply:
1) Past performance does not guarantee future results.
2) What drives real glory, like the price of a stock, is its future potential.

So, to anyone harping on about their group's glorious past, to the exclusion of the present and future - you're a loser.

White Hypocrisy When It Comes to Love Tourism

Just a rant that's too race-baiting for any forum:

It's interesting that white guys will subtly suggest or imply that guys of other races won't be welcomed by women in certain (but not all) white countries, especially countries where you rarely even see non-white guys. These white guys then say that the girls tend to not like non-white guys.

Two problems:
1) Since when did women always stick to what they say?
2) How can they know what it's like for a non-white guy in these countries when they rarely even see non-white guys?

I think what's going on here is that these white guys don't want competition, and will use any means, such as skin color, to reduce it.

What these white guys are hoping for is:
1) White countries for white guys, and
2) Non-white countries for white guys!

Meh. With the white birthrate tanking, go forth my non-white brothers, while the white women still exist!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

How You Know Mail Order Bride Sites Are a Waste Without Even Trying

It's pretty simple - the girls don't pay to use the sites - but men do. The sites say the girls are serious, but anybody can say that if they don't have to pay.

Check it:

Elenas Models
"1. Women don’t pay on Elenas Models - It’s free for ladies to join and communicate with men. They do not pay to talk to guys, and can freely email to men or send them an EOI."


A Foreign Affair
"All our services are COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE for women!!!"


Just try signing up as a female. You won't be asked for money.


The reason the women don't pay is because the sites need their profiles, so men can pay the site to access them. That's much easier and more legit than creating a ton of fake profiles. In return for their real profiles, the women get obligation-free validation.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

If You Really Think About It, Nobody is Racially/Culturally Pure

For the longest time, I thought to myself, "I'm actually quite racially pure. I can trace my ancestry to a specific province in Southeast Asia."

Then, I thought to myself, "Wait a minute. Then how come I sometimes get mistaken for all these other races? Heck, even though I'm well-traveled and (over)educated, why do I still sometimes mistake others for a race they aren't?"

The reason is simple.

Just like an individual is more or less the average of those closest to him/her, but not the same, so too it is with races and culture.

That's why when I see certain Poles here in Poland, I sometimes wonder how much German, Slavic, Scandinavian, Baltic, or Balkan blood they have in them. I also notice the similarities between these cultures, as well as the differences.

That's probably also why when certain people see me, they may wonder if I'm Indian or Pacific Islander. That's also why certain cultural aspects of my upbringing are similar to those of Indian or Pacific Islander descent, though there are some differences.

Now obviously, the further the distances become, the less similar the races and cultures get. But to think that race and culture is monolithic instead of a sliding scale doesn't make sense to me now.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Those XYZs Are Stealing Our Women/Men!

I'm sure you've heard it before:

"Those [insert race] men are stealing our women!"
"Those [insert race] women are stealing our men!"

I'm here to tell you that this is how losers think. What they're really saying is:

"Life is unfair! Wah! Someone help me! I don't want to compete with those [insert race]!"

What you should be thinking is:

"How can I adapt what they are doing to my benefit?"
"If [insert race] men like our women, maybe I should look at [insert race] women."
"If [insert race] women like our men, maybe I should look at [insert race] men."