Resources That Are Actually Useful

Last updated:  September 30, 2014.

My intent with this page is to not only collect all the useful resources I've encountered, but to eventually present them in a way that would accelerate the learning of those following me.

Let's start with the (relatively) easy stuff:

Get fit: Scrawny to Brawny
The main advantage of this book over other resources is that it actually talks about nutrition at length - the entire second half of the book is dedicated to it - as well as lifting. It may or may not be the best resource on every single idea it covers (which is a lot), but it's a good resource that includes all of those ideas in one collection. I'm no bodybuilding expert, and if you aren't either, it makes more sense to pay a little bit of money for a well-regarded collection of information, rather than having to piece together and judge for yourself all the bodybuilding information on the internet.

Get dressed: Details' Men's Style Manual:
As was the case in the previous resource, I'm no fashion expert either, so finding and using a well-regarded resource aimed at those who need basic fashion advice is a good use of time and money. Again, other resources may be better, especially in more specific areas, but this resource is a great start that covers a lot.

Get the right mindset on girls: The Rational Male
If you're not a red-pill manosphere reader, this resource will definitely shatter your current (and mostly useless, if not outright self-detrimental) mindset on girls. Even if you are a reader like me, you'll still find a number of unexpected gems in here. With the framework in this book, you'll actually understand the seemingly contradictory behaviors of girls from a man's perspective.

Get a textbook (literally!) on the London Daygame Model:
This book has so much detail on the London Daygame Model that it will overwhelm someone new to this approach method. You should at least be a London Daygame approach machine before you buy this book. Once you do though, you'll be coming back to it repeatedly, as you reconcile your daygame experiences with the deep insights in this book.

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