Thursday, July 31, 2014

For Guys Considering Being a Father in the West

In your early Game days, you might think to yourself: "okay, if I just learn this Game stuff really well, maybe I'll find that needle-in-a-haystack girl here in the West that might actually be a good mother to my kids."

Or, maybe you've sworn off Western women for child-bearing, so you're thinking of importing a foreign women to the West.

In both cases, there's one more thing to consider:

What are the chances she'll be able to resist - not just for years, but for at least two decades - the ever-increasing temptations that the West will offer her?

Stop and think about that for a second. Think of the changes you've seen in the West in the past two decades: more YOLO attitudes, more selfishness, and above all, more embracing of these characteristics by society at large.

Now take that change and apply it forward. What do two decades in the future in the West look like?

Time will tell if these trends spread outside the West. The red-pill manosphere suggests that this is happening, but they also suggest that the level those trends are starting from is not as bad.

Your special snowflake might be better than the average Western woman at resisting these temptations. But this is the mother of your kids we're talking about here, and more importantly, the culture that will surround her. Do not take unnecessary risks.*

* Unless kids are more of an accessory for you - but as I understand, they're quite expensive.

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