Thursday, October 16, 2014

Where To Live in a City to Get Laid

When I first moved to Atlanta, I didn't even know what game was. But knowing what I know now, I would've moved to a different part of the city:

Where the tourist girls go

Don't get me wrong, my current location isn't bad (decent foot traffic, especially for Atlanta), but most of that traffic is local. That's great if you want a relationship (though the red-pill manosphere cautions against doing this with Western women), but if you want lays (without hookers), then it's well-known throughout the red-pill manosphere that tourists are easier.

That place in Atlanta? Downtown, specifically Peachtree, near the Hard Rock Cafe.

Think about: no logistical barrier for you to go out, and no logistical barrier for her to come back to your place.

The time to go? Likely when Krauser recommends in Daygame Mastery - as I recall that's around 8p.

Don't just Game hard, Game smart.

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