Thursday, August 21, 2014

Is Evening Rush Hour Downtown Atlanta Daygaming Worth It?

For the first time, I had a chance to daygame in downtown Atlanta from 4 to 7p. The idea was to daygame girls as they left work. Here's what I found out:

1) Peachtree Street around Peachtree Center has the most foot traffic. You'll have to act fast to catch the girls as they generally start trickling out around 4:30ish, then build to a crescendo around 5:30ish, and then taper to nothing by 6:30ish. There may still be foot traffic after that, depending on whether or not a convention is in town (there usually is, and you'll see it by all the name tags around peoples' necks, as opposed to company badges). Generally focus on your side of the street, since girls on the other side of the street will usually quickly end up in the building they're going to by the time you get to the other side of the street. If it's hot, especially in the summer, go inside the Peachtree Center mall and catch them there (why sweat if you don't have to?)

2) Centennial Olympic Park might produce a girl walking her dog after work, but the better post-work dog-park-walk daygame in Atlanta is Piedmont Park, by far. Centennial Olympic Park is mostly tourist families.

3) The CNN Center is the same, minus the girls walking their dogs. Don't bother.

4) Hotels such as the Hilton might produce girls, again depending on whatever convention is in town.

5) The Fairlie area is mostly a lunch place; not too many girls here after work.

Overall, downtown Atlanta is the place to go, not to daygame locals, but to daygame tourists. Most of those tourists are families, convention-goers, and businesspeople (likely on weekdays only), so I'll stick to the other places I mentioned in a previous post, especially in the hot summer.

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