Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A New Weekly Schedule

For some reason, I keep coming home from work, wondering what I'm supposed to do (once the usual errands are done). It's time to set some goals and schedules for the first half of 2015 (before I leave for Poland):

1) Learn Polish
2) Make location-independent income (to supplement my retirement income and to have something to do)
3) Lift to the point that it looks like I lift, even with my shirt on
4) Develop r-selected Daygame ability (would rather flip girls from r-selected to K-selected than the other way around)
5) Improve bass-playing ability
6) Develop efficient online dating ability

Weekday schedule:
5a-8a - Lift, or on rest days, Work on location-independent income
8a-5p - Work
5p-8p - Daygame
8p-9p - Learn Polish, Cook
9p-5a - Sleep

Weekend schedule (if not traveling):
Saturday morning - Errands, must-dos, Learn Polish
Saturday afternoon - Daygame
Saturday evening - Work on location-independent income
Sunday morning - Leftover errands, must-dos, Learn Polish
Sunday afternoon - Play bass
Sunday evening - Text Daygame leads, Do efficient online dating (for practicing that and date Game)

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