Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tallinn, Estonia: First Impressions

After coming from Kiev, Tallinn is obviously a drop in quality. Less makeup, more hipster, and fewer heels. These I expected, but it's always good to confirm what some random guys on the Internet say. There are more blondes here, but even my hind-brain gives the advantage to the hard-working Kiev girls over the few blondes who actually dress up here. Spotted a few fatties and skrillex haircuts too, another notable drop from Kiev. It's Saturday here though, which as I understand may mean day-trippers from Helsinki, coming over here for the cheaper shopping. I probably got IOIs at the same rate at Poznan, but those girls put more effort in, in my opinion - or at least they prefer the classy look over the hipster one.

As a result, the plan I discussed in my previous post still stands. Still want to hit the spots I mentioned in another post, especially the coffee-growing region of Columbia.

Overall, this scout trip was definitely worth it. I would never had guessed that I'd cross Sofia off my list, as well as Tallinn. I'm surprised that Poznan is still on the list, and I'm also surprised that I got any IOIs in Kiev.

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