Saturday, August 16, 2014

Why You Should Welcome Opening Forgotten Girls

Every so often, when one daygames in the same place, one comes across a girl that one has already opened and failed.

Today that happened to me ... Again.

In the past, when these girls gave off bad vibes, I wasn't sure why. "Must be bitches," I thought.

After today's repeat though, I had a revelation. These forgotten repeat girls are offended by two things:

1) That they remembered you, and more importantly,
2) That you forgot them.

Think of it from the Western girl's perspective. She's been raised to think that she's a unique snowflake, and that men are disposable. But when she remembers you, and you don't remember her, that fantasy is disrupted.

The evil part of me wishes that I could reopen all the girls that turned me down, just to disrupt their fantasies as well, but then I'd actually have to bother remembering them, which I can't. But now I won't be afraid to open a girl that I forgot that I already opened. In fact, I'll welcome it.

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