Thursday, December 11, 2014

Don't Trust Me

I read this morning that Andy Moore of had confirmed that Tom Torero (formerly of had faked a "kiss-close" video (details here:,6196.0.html). Regardless of whether it's true or not (seems to be), the more important question is:
What does this mean to me?

The answer: something you should've known already - don't trust anything on the Internet 100%, not even me. Most importantly, verify for yourself as much as possible. Here's the application:

Not sure whether the method will work?
Honestly try it.

Not sure whether blue-pill dating strategies will work?
Honestly try them (though you probably already did).

Not sure whether red-pill dating strategies will work?
Again, honestly try them.

Not sure whether girls in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, or South America are better than Western ones?
Once again, honestly try them.

Now, as Tom Torero said, "less talk, more action!"

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