Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Not All (Western) Women Are Like That" Is True, But ...

Reading the red-pill manosphere, one might think that the West only has women that are fat and entitled. Of course, if you actually explore Western women, you'll eventually meet some that actually bother to put in efforts similar to your own. Thus, "not all (Western) women are like that," right?

Unfortunately, while technically true, this statement dangerously ignores economics: specifically, probabilities in the sexual market.

For example, instead of thinking, "are there any good Western women?", the thinking should be, "what is the probability of meeting good women in the West, as oppose to abroad?"

Subquestions can help answer those questions - if posed correctly. Here are more examples:

Limited: "Are Western women worth it?"
Probabilistic: "What is the likelihood my efforts will be rewarded in the West, as opposed to abroad?"

Limited: "Does modern Western culture threaten traditional families?"
Probabilistic: "What are the chances that a traditional family will succeed in the West, as opposed to abroad?"

Here's something not related to women, that might have you in the West temporarily, given the current world situation:

Limited: "Is the West the best place to make lots of money?"
Probabilistic: "What is the likelihood I can make lots of money in the West, as opposed to abroad?"

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