Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Finding a Place Abroad: Why More Internet Research Isn't Always Better

There's only so much research on the internet you can do on finding a place to live abroad. While you might find consensus on certain topics, such as Eastern Europe / South America / Southeast Asia being better for finding girls than the West, you'll inevitably find debate as you dig deeper. Questions like:

Which is best between Eastern Europe, South America, or Southeast Asia?

Which is best for me, given x, y, and z factors?

I think it's at this point, where the questions become so individually-tailored, that it's time to do the unthinkable:

Put some work in and actually visit these places yourself.

The alternative is to waste time on the internet forums reading the endless debates. Never mind the fact that these guys may be vastly different from each other, not to mention you. They may also have visited for reasons different than your own - if they visited at all. For all you know, they may be passing secondhand knowledge off as firsthand, just to get an ego-boost.

Yes, it takes time and resources to visit these places. But just think of that as another barrier to entry into these markets. That barrier prevents your weaker-willed Western male competitors from going. More importantly, as long as it exists, it'll keep them from coming, once you're there.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Is Evening Rush Hour Downtown Atlanta Daygaming Worth It?

For the first time, I had a chance to daygame in downtown Atlanta from 4 to 7p. The idea was to daygame girls as they left work. Here's what I found out:

1) Peachtree Street around Peachtree Center has the most foot traffic. You'll have to act fast to catch the girls as they generally start trickling out around 4:30ish, then build to a crescendo around 5:30ish, and then taper to nothing by 6:30ish. There may still be foot traffic after that, depending on whether or not a convention is in town (there usually is, and you'll see it by all the name tags around peoples' necks, as opposed to company badges). Generally focus on your side of the street, since girls on the other side of the street will usually quickly end up in the building they're going to by the time you get to the other side of the street. If it's hot, especially in the summer, go inside the Peachtree Center mall and catch them there (why sweat if you don't have to?)

2) Centennial Olympic Park might produce a girl walking her dog after work, but the better post-work dog-park-walk daygame in Atlanta is Piedmont Park, by far. Centennial Olympic Park is mostly tourist families.

3) The CNN Center is the same, minus the girls walking their dogs. Don't bother.

4) Hotels such as the Hilton might produce girls, again depending on whatever convention is in town.

5) The Fairlie area is mostly a lunch place; not too many girls here after work.

Overall, downtown Atlanta is the place to go, not to daygame locals, but to daygame tourists. Most of those tourists are families, convention-goers, and businesspeople (likely on weekdays only), so I'll stick to the other places I mentioned in a previous post, especially in the hot summer.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Where to Daygame in Atlanta

After more than a year of daygaming in Atlanta, here are my recommendations:

Piedmont Park (except during events)
Trader Joe's (Midtown)
Target (Atlantic Station or Lindbergh)
Peachtree St (in Midtown)

Here's where not to go, though you might think they're good:

Lenox Mall (high-end malls tend to attract older/taken/married girls)
Target near Lenox Mall (same reason as the mall itself)
Target near Emory (surprisingly less girls)
Little Five Points (too small a venue)
Virginia Highlands (old bohemian crowd)
Centennial Olympic Park (tourist families)
IKEA (usually families)
Anywhere outside the perimeter (families)

The above comes with the caveat that I have a M-F 9-5 job. Having been downtown for lunch a few times, that place and time may be promising.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Why You Should Welcome Opening Forgotten Girls

Every so often, when one daygames in the same place, one comes across a girl that one has already opened and failed.

Today that happened to me ... Again.

In the past, when these girls gave off bad vibes, I wasn't sure why. "Must be bitches," I thought.

After today's repeat though, I had a revelation. These forgotten repeat girls are offended by two things:

1) That they remembered you, and more importantly,
2) That you forgot them.

Think of it from the Western girl's perspective. She's been raised to think that she's a unique snowflake, and that men are disposable. But when she remembers you, and you don't remember her, that fantasy is disrupted.

The evil part of me wishes that I could reopen all the girls that turned me down, just to disrupt their fantasies as well, but then I'd actually have to bother remembering them, which I can't. But now I won't be afraid to open a girl that I forgot that I already opened. In fact, I'll welcome it.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Meaning of Life

It's actually pretty simple:

The purpose of life is to propagate life.

You come to the same conclusion from any angle, after asking why enough times, like an annoying child. Take daygame for example:

Why am I daygaming? I want more sex.

Why do I want more sex? Because it feels good.

Why does it feel good? Because it's supposed to help propagate life.

Now try work:

Why do I work? Because it gives me money.
Why do I need money? Because I want water, food, shelter, etc.
Why do I want those things? Because they're supposed to help propagate life.

Of course, the devil is in the details, such as the best ways to propagate life. Consider this hypothetical example, in place of the first line in the last example:

Why did I steal instead of work? Because I believe it's the best way to get money (regardless if it actually is or not).

The question then becomes what are the best ways to propagate life. I won't answer that here, other than to say: science!

How The New TMNT Movie Shows Western Culture is Becoming More Fem-Centric

Just saw the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie today. Some interesting points:

The Title:
Realistically, this movie should be called "April O'Neil and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," because that's what you're going to see in the plot - more Megan Fox than the actual turtles themselves.

April O'Neil:
It's pretty obvious they've gone to great lengths to remove more vestiges of the damsel-in-distress than before, and emphasize more of the independent career woman. Even in the '80s cartoons, the two existed (fem-centric culture having already started), but in this version, conveniently, April needs much less rescuing, despite doing the same schtick of getting into trouble with the Foot Clan by snooping around.

The Turtles:
The only time these guys really contribute to the plot is when action sequences are called for. Much less of an attempt is made to develop them into characters the way the 1990 film tried (to what extent is another debate). After watching them for a bit, you begin to think you're just watching another new Transformers movie. It is Michael Bay + Megan Fox + CGI characters, after all - except notably minus even a Beta male lead such as Shia LaBeouf.

April O'Neil's cameraman:
This is pretty much what men are reduced to in pop Western culture these days - creepy, stupid, weak punching bags. At least in the 1990 film, his closest counterpart, Casey, was able to fight - never mind get the girl (albeit by somehow being turned on by her masculinity).

April O'Neil's boss:
Conveniently changed from a white male to a black female. As a Hispanic-looking Asian, I can't say this change wasn't purposely made.

The origin story:
The turtles are now a more-or-less planned experiment, rescued by April O'Neil as a child, rather than pure accidents. Can't remind all the single-mom accidents out there now that they're accidents. That would hurt their fe-e-elings, despite it making them come to terms with this thing called ... reality. Heck, in the 2nd TMNT '90s movie, the turtles have to do just that (albeit in one short scene): come to terms with being accidents, rather than planned, as they subconsciously imagined.

The Foot:
They might as well be robots again, like in the '80s cartoons. No attempt is made to humanize them like in the 1990s film. In that film, the Foot becomes a warning to moviegoers: disenfranchised young males are more likely to correctly calculate that a life outside eroding institutions in the West, such as families, is a better risk/reward payoff than one in it. The difference between 1990 and 2014 is that in 1990, being outside the system manifested itself as crime, while in 2014, being outside the system manifests itself as hidden addictions, usually to porn and/or video games. But hey, as long as crimes aren't being committed, who cares if young males don't bother to reach their potential?

In conclusion, if the media is a reflection of the culture, then ... buyer beware.

How to Filter Out Party Girls

Checked out some night game last night with a buddy. Woke up just a little before noon and had an epiphany:

If the best time to meet party girls is Friday and Saturday night, then the best time to filter them out during the day is Saturday and Sunday morning, when they're sleeping.

Not sure why I hadn't thought of this before. I guess I just went for the presumably higher-traffic weekend afternoon daygame hours, and made the faulty assumption that daygame exists in a vacuum.