Monday, November 17, 2014

My Remaining Scout Trip List, and Where This is Going

Figured I should list my next scout trip destinations as a way of keeping promises to myself:

Quebec City, Quebec - I hear French is the barrier to entry into this dating market, unlike Montreal (which is more expensive anyway), so I'm curious to see if improving my French would be worth it. There's also skiing there, which helps. Being Hispanic-looking may help too (I hear foreigners go to Montreal, if they go to Quebec). Will do this one weekend.

Salt Lake City, Utah - a flight attendant I daygamed to a text-close (no date) was from here. Skiing here is good too and costs are low, for the US. Supposedly attractive and conservative girls here, again for the US. Hopefully not all the girls are Mormon and married off after high school though. Will do this one weekend.

Denver, Colorado - the ski capital of the US. As you may have noticed from the image in the previous post, Colorado seems to lag in fatness. Hopefully the nickname "MENver" isn't true though. Will do this one weekend.

The coffee-growing region of Columbia - based solely on a tip from a Columbian friend, as an alternative to Bogota, Medellin, and Cali. My "native" look there might be looked down on though. Will do this one weekend.

Tallinn, Estonia - based on my experience in Poznan, Poland, I'm pretty sure I'd catch even more IOIs there, since there are supposed to be more blondes there. Too bad there's no skiing for days (all the Scandinavian downhill skiing is in far northern Finland or Sweden), not to mention anything else obvious to do (kinda like Poznan). Will do this on the way to Russia.

Sochi, Russia - supposed to be some amazing skiing here. Add Russian girls and mandatory Russian (barrier to entry) for the win? Definitely going to apply for the Russian visa after my current scout trip. Because I'd also like to see ...

Vladivostok, Russia - Russian girls + expensive flights (barrier to entry) + mandatory Russian (barrier to entry) + really far from Mediterranean sex tourists and British stag parties = win?

A destination I've already scouted prior to this blog (and Game):
Santiago, Chile - while on a business trip here, I took some time to walk through the streets. Again, that was before I even got into Game, but I don't recall catching any IOIs, likely since I look "native" (Chileans are lighter and look down on the natives, which I understand is common in South America, especially Argentina. Happens in Asia too, but anywhere I'd go in Asia (Southeast), I'm pretty sure I'm just normal [though taller and more muscular]).

Hopefully Sofia tomorrow will show that not all ski destinations (outside Russia, anyway) are hopeless sausage-fests ... but if it comes to that, I'll pick girls, since I've already done quite a bit of skiing.

The world is a big place, but thanks to the guys on the Roosh forums and the rest of the manosphere, I don't have to visit foreign skiing places that are turds in terms of girls, such as Italy (since it exports sex tourists). I don't expect to find skiing and poosy paradise as well, especially since Roosh himself seems pretty confident that poosy paradise alone is something that can only be forever chased, never permanently found. Don't get me wrong, I like the project of finding a good place, but I have other projects that require finishing this one.

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