Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Why I Won't Reveal My Name

Hat tip to Rollo Tomassi at The Rational Male ( ):

"A heckler once interrupted Nikita Khrushchev [the then-dictator of the Soviet Union] in the middle of a speech in which he was denouncing the crimes of Stalin [the brutal previous dictator]. 'You were a colleague of Stalin's,' the heckler yelled, 'why didn't you stop him then?' Khrushchev apparently could not see the heckler and barked out, 'Who said that?' No hand went up. No one moved a muscle. After a few seconds of tense silence, Khrushchev finally said in a quiet voice, 'Now you know why I didn't stop him.'"

Why I Stopped Getting Involved in Useless Forum Threads

It's pretty simple.

As the name suggests, they're a waste of time.

Sure, some of them are emotionally provoking, especially the race threads, but at the end of the day, it's just a bunch of (mostly anonymous) nobodies on a non-mainstream Internet forum.

What's the point of attempting to convince them anyways? The mainstream is not moving in their direction any time soon, and these guys would rather complain about reality than even discuss how to deal with it (never mind actually doing so).

And who wants to associate with people who'd rather complain than take action anyway? They'll just drag you down into pointless conversation, and prevent you from taking action.

So it really is as Tom Torero says. "Less talk, more action!"

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Elites Are Not Evil, They're Just Acting in Self-Interest

Most folks are familiar with the five stages of grief:

1) Denial
2) Anger
3) Bargaining
4) Depression
5) Acceptance

Sometimes people make it through all five stages - which is good - and sometimes they don't - which is bad. In the "manosphere," this idea is usually applied to discovering the truth about women:

1) Denial - "Women are not like this at all!" - Still a Disney-believing "blue-pill" guy
2) Anger - "How can women be this bad?!" - Generally rants a lot on forums
3) Bargaining - "But not all women are like that!" - Generally posts less frequently on forums
4) Depression - "I give up on women." - actual MGTOWs (Men Going Their Own Way). Doesn't post at all
5) Acceptance - "All women generally follow this model. Now that I know their playbook, I can rewrite mine." - Generally posts infrequently but constructively

What doesn't seem to be happening in the "manosphere" quite yet is folks going through all five stages when discovering the truth about the elites (not a conspiracy theory, just think Game of Thrones, which is basically a show about the ups and downs of being an elite):

1) Denial - "These are just silly conspiracy theories."
2) Anger - "How can the elites be so bad?!"
3) Bargaining - "Surely some elites must feel for their fellow man! Help us!"
4) Depression - "The elites control everything and are evil. I give up."
5) Acceptance - "The elites are just acting in their own perceived self-interest, as they always have been, and always will be. They compete with each other too, with some attaining elite status, some maintaining elite status, and some losing elite status. In any case, now knowing that the elites are merely acting in perceived self-interest, I can now better act in my own self-interest."

As is the case with the subject of women, the most frequent posters on the subject of elites are those in the anger stage. And just as staying in that stage with regards to women is ultimately unproductive, so too is it with regards to the elites.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bialystok, Poland: First Impressions

I was going to post this on the Roosh forum, but then I decided to save it as a special treat for my readers. Not going to lie, also didn't want to share it as widely as the Roosh forum enables.

Went to Bialystok for a day. Why?

1) Almost no Game data about it.
2) It only cost me ~$100 and two days.
3) It's in Eastern Poland, which is generally poorer, and thus, cheaper.
4) The proximity to the FSU may mean more FSU influence on the women.
5) Official population is around 300k, so enough to be a 2nd-tier city. Source:
6) This wikitravel quote peaked my daygame interest:

Bialystok is a rather small city in terms of size, considering its big population - it is the second most densely populated city in Poland after Łódź.


While a day is only enough to be a post (not even a mini data sheet), here are my thoughts, in no particular order:
1) There may be a slight FSU influence - maybe a few more heels and skirts than in Gdansk/Sopot - but this is definitely still Poland, and not the FSU.
2) Reactions were a bit more green or red light, rather than yellow light, compared to Gdansk/Sopot. Not as much as in Kiev though, where it's night and day.
3) My foreigner value as an Asian-American brown guy seems higher here than in Gdansk/Sopot. No overt racism here either during the day. Can't speak for the night since I'm not a night gamer, but packs of drunk guys not getting laid are generally the same everywhere.
4) English levels seem on par with Gdansk/Sopot.
5) The girls' bodies are definitely still Polish. I didn't observe  a noticeable shift to the FSU "white Asian girl" body type.
6) The city is noticeably more compact than Gdansk/Sopot. This means more girls walking and thus more day game opportunities. Lipowa Street is where the action seems to be. There's also a large park and two malls within a twenty minute walk.
7) The city itself - at least around Lipowa Street - is quite nice, and quite new. The residents don't seem poor, though the Alfa mall had a bit less traffic for a weekday night than Galeria Baltycka in Gdansk does.
8) Local guys seem to be dating on par with Gdansk/Sopot.
9) My guess is there are less PUAs here, Polish or foreign, since there is no local airport for their thirsty asses to fly into. In contrast, Gdansk/Sopot has plenty of low-cost carrier airline service from all over Europe. This probably also drives the Gdansk/Sopot guys into the hands of RSD, which seems popular among them. Not saying Gdansk/Sopot is sarged out, but once in a while, you will get the eye-roll reaction - because your approach should be as unique as the girl is a special snowflake, after all :p
10) Despite the compactness of the city, the population seems large enough that I didn't run into the same faces on Lipowa Street.

Verdict: More research needed, especially when college starts in October, but the place seems to have unusual day game potential.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

It Should Go Without Saying: Avoid Addiction

Some guys say you should embrace hedonism when it comes to women, since you can't have enough sex. Let's think of a parallel to test that.

Let's suppose you embrace hedonism when it comes to food. You eat as much tasty food as you can. As a result, your health slips. Okay, so you've experienced the extreme, and now you know you need to get back to a balanced diet. The problem is, your body and mind are used to your extreme habits. As anyone who's seen the many ads promoting weight-loss products knows, changing these extreme habits is much harder than having balanced habits in the first place. I'm not saying you can't get back to habits that are balanced - I'm just saying it's harder.

Of course, some guys will say that avoiding hedonism when it comes to women is an avoidance weasel. I'd argue that's only true if you avoid women completely. Getting back to the food analogy, you don't go from eating an extremely bad diet to eating nothing; you eat a balanced diet.

And just as a balanced diet contains wholesome foods, a balanced approach to women contains wholesome women. In both cases, you screen out the things that are tasty but ultimately harmful.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Applying "The Middle Path" to Choosing a Country for Love Tourism

Unless you're Buddhist, you're probably not familiar with the Buddhist concept of "The Middle Path." In short, before attaining enlightenment, the Buddha experienced two extremes: one as a prince, whose every desire was fulfilled, and another as a monk, who starved himself so much that he was on the path to death. Realizing that neither extreme would get him closer to enlightenment (hard to do that while near-dead, or while permanently preoccupied with hedonism), he decided to take "The Middle Path," carefully striking the necessary balance between the two extremes. Through this, he attained enlightenment.

We can also apply this concept of "The Middle Path" to choosing a country for love tourism. On one hand, we have wealthy countries that enable women's hedonistic tendencies, such as the US and Australia, resulting in said women generally being slutty, fat, and entitled. However, on the other hand, we also have dirt-poor countries that tip women to desperation, such as Ukraine and the Phils, resulting in some of these women becoming pros or semi-pros. Neither of these states is desired. (Obviously NAWALT applies, but averages are more important than outliers.)

Applying the concept of "The Middle Path," we can see that we want countries where the women are not so wealthy as to be predominantly occupied with hedonism, but we also want countries where the women are not so dirt-poor as to be predominantly occupied with materialism. So instead of the US, Australia, Ukraine, or the Phils, we have countries like Poland and Thailand.

Of course, as events unfold, the balance point can change. It can even change within countries, such as Warsaw or Bangkok versus Poznan or Chang Mai. But hopefully this post will save you some time from exploring obvious extremes.

Edit: One other point is that dirt-poor countries also tend to attract weirder expats. These include sex tourists and older and less socially-calibrated guys, none of whom you likely want to hang out with. As the name implies, "Middle Path" countries tend to attract more balanced guys.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Leipzig Germany Mini Data Sheet

TL;DR - Don't Bang Leipzig.

Came here yesterday afternoon from Kiev and only booked myself two nights, since there wasn't a lot of data about it. I wanted to scout the place before committing to it. After all, I came here based on only a few data points:

1) 20Nation's Boobs by Country Map:
2) Deb's post on Leipzig:
3) The fact that I insta-dated and FB-closed a busty but thin 20-year-old German girl while walking around Frankfurt's Zeil Mall near the end of a early-evening layover.
4) Wikipedia says most foreigners here are Polish or Eastern European, rather than Turkish, unlike many other German cities.
5) A counterpoint: the fact that a number of posters on this forum (including one I met in Kiev) are German. Why would they be on this forum if their own women were good?

Here are my conclusions after walking around central Leipzig for two solid afternoons:

1) German girls are bustier than their Ukrainian counterparts, on average, but at about the same level as their Polish counterparts.
2) Unfortunately, bust is where the similarity between German and Polish girls generally ends. German girls tend to be heavier, neon-hair-colored, and/or frumpy more often than their Polish counterparts.
3) Factually, I already knew Germany was old, having recently surpassed Japan as having the world's lowest birth rate, but walking around Leipzig ... fuck this place is older than Tokyo! Young girls are harder to come by than in Poland or Ukraine.
4) Despite #4 from above generally being true compared to what I saw in Frankfurt, there are still definitely more foreigners in Leipzig than anywhere else I've been in Poland, even Warsaw. Some of them are obviously students though, especially the Chinese.
5) Leipzig generally does badly relative to Poland and Ukraine on the Busted Dudes test ( ), though there aren't that many obviously young couples to begin with (a likely symptom of the world's lowest birth rate).

Based on the above, I've booked myself back to Poland. Kiev was great, but it can wait. As an early 30's guy, I'm actually only just old enough there to date girls in college or younger. And the older guys in the Revo crew didn't seem to have problems there with said girls either (more info on the Revo crew: )

Edit: if you must go, stay in central Leipzig. That's where the foot traffic and date venues are. The train station has a decent mall for daygame, but save it for bad weather, since there's much more foot traffic across the street in the central outdoor shopping area, especially around and west of Leipzig University (which is actually in the shopping area). The Höfe am Brühl indoor mall (also in the central outdoor shopping area) is another bad weather alternative.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Illegal Immigration is a Slap in the Face to Legal Immigrants

Plain and simple, it's like telling someone who got cut in line:

"Haha, you sucker, you actually played by the rules? You should've just cut the line like the guy who's now in front of you did. Sucks for you that you didn't know that we don't actually enforce our own rules. Hmm ... I wonder if that extends to other rules, like murder, etc ..."