Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Scout Trip Versus The Bang Trip

Guys like Roosh and Krauser have posted many things about "the bang trip." Among them is the necessary time you'll need for the trip, which they recommend at a minimum of a week or two, starting mid-week. Based on their experiences, this makes sense, since even with pipelining (setting up dates online before you arrive), it make take more than a few first dates to accomplish your mission.

But what if your mission trip is scouting for more permanent relocation? In that case, your mission, and thus your timetable, are quite different. You're there to simply confirm or deny the research you've done online, thus answering the question, "would I like to live here for a few weeks or more, or would I rather do that elsewhere for now?" Depending on the size and quality of your destination's online expat community, you may find the bulk of the information you're looking for online, so the timetable for your scouting trip can be shorter, likely less than a week for each destination - so pack another destination or two in, depending on how much time you've got. On the flip side, if you're boldly going where no one has gone before, you may need a week or more just to get the same information. In either case, you're delaying gratification, compared to the "bang trip," with the payoff being much less time constraints.

Case in point: I've been in Makati for only three days so far, but based on the plethora of what I've read online, and from what I've confirmed from being here, I can already say that I would probably enjoy at least a few weeks here. The problem is that I allocated a whole week to this. Part of that week could've been allocated to the longer stay required for another relatively nearby destination I'm interested in, Vladivostok, which as I understand requires a visa well in advance. Still, not bad to learn that and more from just a few days into my first scouting trip.

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