Saturday, November 22, 2014

Western Men: Not Sex-Deprived, but Feminity-Deprived

If you really think about it, Western men aren't sex-deprived. Of course, the amount of non-prostitute sex he gets depends on his status within the sliding alpha-beta scale, but at worst, he could resort to prostitution. No, what Western men are looking for is something different. Patrice O'Neal attempts to describe that here with Howard Stern (listen for the first three minutes):

The word he's looking for is femininity. I'll admit, when I first heard this clip, I couldn't describe what he was saying either. Now, with a scout trip to Eastern Europe under my belt, it's pretty obvious that that's the word.

What these revelations point to is how removed Western men are from experiencing femininity. Think about it: if sex were the only deficit for Western men, they'd be fine having sex with any pretty much anything, including their own hand. But these things aren't feminine, and that's why they're unhappy.

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