Saturday, November 15, 2014

Poznan, Poland: First Impressions

The girls:
The girls in Poznan are indeed prettier and thinner than the ones in Atlanta. They don't seem to be as pretty as what I've seen on the net on Ukraine, but I haven't been to Ukraine ... yet. Definitely more blondes than I anticipated, and definitely more than the white population anywhere in the US, save for maybe being on par with Minneapolis. The heel/flat share seems to about 33/66, as opposed to heels being unusual in the US. Obviously fewer overweight girls, and no obese girls. Short hair is also unusual, but every now and then you'll see it. The girls are wearing tight jeans or yoga pants, as opposed to skirts, likely due to the English "jacket" weather this time of the year. Height is about the same as US white average.

The girls' reaction to seeing me:
Being Hispanic-looking is getting me IOIs here and there, but not nearly as often as my height advantage gave me in Makati in the Philippines.

The competition:
The guys here dress better than the ones in the US - think Western European fashion. However, they seem to be dating their equals or slightly better, as opposed to dating down in the West.
Everything else:
Pros: It's cheap here compared to the West. The hotel I'm staying in is only $18/night, including breakfast. My lunch today, which was a sub and bottled water from one of the supermarkets at Stary Bowar, was less than $3 - the sub alone would've been at least $3 at any grocery store in Atlanta. A lot of the facilities, such as the airport and the Stary Bowar mall - are clean and relatively new. They look like they've been constructed within the last ten or so years. So far I've been able to get around with English.

Cons: I could see things being slightly less convenient here: getting from the airport to the city center by public transit wasn't as admittedly painfully obvious as it is in the West. Gasp, I had to ask for help - which was understood, in English.

Next steps:
Get some sleep to fight off the jet lag. Run some daygame to see if I'm reading the IOIs correctly and to judge the level of English here.

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