Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Where Have The Updates Been, & Why I'm Posting Here

I've been posting on Roosh's forum so my advice on my relocation helps more guys than my blog would've. Check it out here:


From time to time, I may post on the blog though, especially for stuff that may seem promotional - though I'd rather give guys a choice on feminism than make money on it.

In light of that, I recently mentioned in the thread "King of Warsaw" game - basically social circle game. A great analogy from Love Systems' Social Circle Mastery product (which you can ... acquire) is this:

Cold-approach game = hunting
Social circle game = farming

And we all know who won that evolutionary battle.

One great idea from the product is cold-approaching to make friends, as opposed to getting laid. I could see using Roosh indirect day game anywhere (even at a bar at night) to do this.

In both cases though, location matters. No point hunting or farming in a desert.

There's more good stuff in the product, so definitely recommend ... acquiring it.

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