Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Poland Relocation: 1st Time Running Game Here

Ended up running some daygame yesterday after running into a few guys who were obviously doing it. No number closes, but that may have been due to an event going on in town that was drawing Poles from around the country. Lots of cute or hot targets to approach, relative to Atlanta, but obviously more pairs of girls or more, rather than single girls, due to the event.

One of the daygamers had been here for a while and knew some Polish, but obviously wasn't Polish, so that usually helped him hook the girls into the set - though he still had to work to move the set forward. That being said, no number closes for him either, other than the one I saw before I met him. Meh, chalk it up to the event or bad luck, and move forward. It almost goes without saying that he was doing better here in Poland than he would in the Anglosphere.

In the evening, the event also seemed to draw a Polish PUA bootcamp, as well as a skinny, odd-looking, and badly-dressed RSD student running crazy approaches. It'll be interesting to see this place without said event going on.

The event aside, the Polish girls were still as is generally written about on these forums - cute to hot by American standards, and pleasant. English levels are generally good, though here and there you'll find girls who don't speak it, or at least say they don't.

Also a word on apps: while Tinder seems fine, and Hinge isn't available here, Happn seems to be mostly careerists, and, unsurprisingly, has yielded no matches.

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