Monday, July 27, 2015

Sopot Datasheet


Time to reveal where I've been since the beginning of July. The reason for the reveal now is that I sustained a minor injury while lifting, so my gaming has been cut short. Just in time for me to start healing before visiting relatives in the UK, I suppose ... Anyway, here are my thoughts after one month.

First, about me, for those who don't know: average height, fit (but not jacked), early 30's, Asian-American (though Mexicans in the US think I'm Mexican), approach-machine level London-style daygamer, traveled all over the world, but first time living outside the US.

Did I get laid? No.
Did I get close? Yes. Twice. Both were same-day-lay scenarios on solo tourists that I screwed up.
Where did I game? Monte Cassino Street in Sopot.

Most importantly, what do you have to say that's not already mentioned in this thread? My thought is, if you want to get laid here during the summer, do this:

1) Target solo girls during the day. Yes, most girls are here in the summer with their friends (guys and/or girls), but I think there are just enough solo girls that that's a more prudent investment of your time. Also, if you can't be on Monte Cassino Street, usually these solo girls are staying near it.

2) For logistics, expect to almost always be going for the SDL or SNL - be as close to Monte Cassino Street as possible. The reason is that most of the girls are Polish tourists who are only here for a week at most. Uber it in the worst case. Monte Cassino Street also provides some decent and walkable date venues, if you do meet any locals (usually from Gdansk), which you occasionally will.

3) You'll quickly realize some of the standing or super-slow walking girls, usually holding stacks of flyer cards, are club promoters. Apparently they get bonuses if you take their flyer card to their club. To someone new to the area, they may look like prime daygame targets, but they're easy to spot. They'll become familiar faces quickly, but don't worry, they're used to seeing guys running daygame.

4) On that note, there are quite a few Polish RSD bootcamps here, usually during the night though, and especially during special events. Not enough to flood the place relative to the amount of traffic though, and most of them are obviously bootcamp students.

5) Tinder is fairly useless here, again, and only because the girls are mostly tourists. I got more matches in my month here than I ever did in the US over several years, but in the time it would take to run properly paced text game, they'd be gone, usually back to Warsaw or sometimes Kaliningrad (you can tell using Tinder's distance on their profile). And that's on top of in-person game trumping online game in almost any scenario (I also did Badoo encounters, which only yielded one weak lead). Most likely, the girls are simply swiping for attention and validation, rather than actual meets.

6) Realize that while some Poles may call Sopot the "Las Vegas" of Poland, it isn't quite that. I doubt you'll find a girl at night who says, "I know I'm supposed to be slutty here."

7) The beach and the path parallel to it are mostly occupied by families. Solo girls are usually walking Monte Cassino Street.

8) Since most tourists are Polish, you'll still get a bonus if you don't look like one. Obviously you'll still have to work though.

9) Also note that these Polish tourists are the ones that can afford to vacation and travel, so while they may be dressed hotter than the average Pole, they're also likely to be more snobby, especially if they can afford to go out at night (note that I'm also echoing Roosh's find here).

10) Some Polish girls seem to respond to SMS/WhatsApp after 21:00ish. I think this is because the rates are lower during off hours, depending on their provider. Best to send your ping texts then, since they'll be more likely to respond immediately.

Overall, I think this is a good place to come during the summer, relative to what I've heard about other places in Poland (which empty out), but again, it's mostly for SDLs/SNLs.

P.S. Boring but necessary additional logistics:
1) Lifting - not sure if there was a better place, but PowerPit was recommended to me by a fellow expat, and it was pretty good. Prices and hours are online in Polish, use Google Translate's website translation if you don't read Polish:

2) Food/Alcohol - the Carrefour at Galeria Baltycka (sp) seemed to be the best. I lived near an Intermarche though. Piotr and Pawel is expensive (so I've been told). Bring bags, since they (like every grocery store in Europe I think) otherwise charges for them.

3) First Aid - grocery stores don't carry this. My guess is the aptekas (apothecaries, or drug stores) do, but I went to the Rossmann at Galeria Baltycka.

Other Notes:
1) Maybe I just can't see them, but I didn't notice any hordes of Spanish or Italian guys. I did see a British stag party though (imagine ten middle-aged guys with their shirts off, drunkenly doing a soccer chant). Perhaps the depressed Mediterranean economies are keeping guys from there at home.

zatara Wrote: Any thoughts on particular nightlife venues? Did you just barcrawl around the different bars on Monte Cassino Street?

For nightlife, I only did Czekolada (Chocolate) a few times. Like Roosh says, the girls are hot by Polish standards, but they're also bitchier too. Most of the time at night I simply did "gutter game" (daygame at night) on Monte Cassino Street.

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