Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Poland Relocation: I Quit My Job

Just gave my two-week notice at the office. As planned, I only told them I was going to travel the world. Even with that, and omitting the retirement part, my boss and his boss's reactions were the same. First, "wow," then, "I wish I could do that." Then a few questions I'm well-prepared for after already dropping both the retirement and traveling bombs on my friends and family nearly a year ago - "how will you pay for it?" and so forth.

My boss's boss might even be a a bit neomasculine - when I responded to him about where I was first going (Poland), he asked why, so I responded in a blue-pill way, but he added, "and prettier women." I couldn't help but smirk at that. But maybe I shouldn't be surprised he's somewhat neomasculine - he's married to a Latin American woman, and he's so sharp with people that he and his group (including myself) are given a bit more slack than the groups we sit next to.

It also helps that I've done a good enough job that he (my boss's boss) even said, "we'd be glad to have you back." While that's reassuring, I'm still going to plan as if that weren't an option, since it may in fact turn out not to be, if and when I call on it. But I'm glad I didn't burn this bridge. That being said, I also remember in history that when Cortez came to the New World, he burned his ships, to force everyone to make it there. But I think I'll be disciplined enough not to need to do the same.

Overall, it feels like electricity is flowing through me - excitement and apprehension at the same time. This is either going to be the smartest thing I've done, or the dumbest. But fortune favors the bold. Plus, like many of you, I also feel like I have nothing to lose; the return on my five-year investment into dating here (first blue-pill then red-pill) has been well short of it being worth it, especially looking at the long run. But let's see if that investment pays off in another market.

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