Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Poland Relocation: Why Poland?

1) In my travels to EE, SA, and SEA, I've generally found Roosh's tip about going where you don't look like the local guys to be true ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvAqsegHtec ). While SA and SEA aren't impossible for me (ie, Filipinas still look at me because I'm taller and more muscular than the average Filipino [which isn't saying much]), I, as someone who Mexicans in the US think is Mexican, definitely stand out, and get more looks, in blonder countries such as Poland.

2) One important clarification about Roosh's tip is to find out if the category of "local guy" includes foreigners who have settled or frequent the area and look like you. This contributes to second-tier cities sometimes being better than their larger competitors, since foreigners tend to be in larger cities. However, if a country is too small, its second-tier cities may not have enough girls to support your Game. Poland seems large enough that its second-tier cities won't be too small. In contrast, Talinn, Estonia's capital, is already fairly small, and even though it may be blonder than Poland, I definitely got fewer looks, likely as a result of what I observed as a higher foreigner presence there, versus Poland's second-tier cities.

3) Cost. While Scandinavia is supposed to be even blonder than Poland, the cost, even in second-tier cities there, is much higher than in Poland - and sometimes higher than even major cities in the US. Never mind Scandinavian feminism (or feminism in Western Europe, for that matter, which is more expensive than the US, never mind EE).

4) Language, amenities, and political stability. While Kiev has more feminine girls than Poland, I need time to actually learn Russian by taking trips to Ukraine. Until then, I also need to ease into living in EE (gyms, etc.), as opposed to visiting it. Also, while it seemed like business as usual when I visited Kiev after the coup, in light of my inexperience living outside the US, I believe it is prudent to gain experience in Poland.

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