Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Poland Relocation: Now in Poland

Just got on the ground here in Poland late last night. Right now, it just feels like I'm on one of my scout trips, where I'm here for a day or two at most, but that should fade quickly after a few days.

That being said, I connected through an airport that was quite familiar to me (let's just say it's in the US Midwest). I used to work in the area several years ago, so I flew out of that airport quite frequently, and have good memories with family and friends there. So being at that airport yesterday made me realize that I'd now be seeing my friends and family less, which is obviously a bummer. But then I remember my low-ROI dating experience in Atlanta, which is even more of a bummer, so I'm hopeful this is the right choice.

Here in Poland, I went grocery shopping earlier this afternoon (I slept for like ten hours straight), and got the usual IOIs/stares without trying to force them. In Atlanta, my grocery bill for four days' worth of food is usually $60 (I eat a bodybuilding diet, which is more expensive). Here, it was $15! And that was at the nearby market, never mind at something like a Carrefour (as I understand, basically Walmart from the UK). No ground beef at the nearby market though, which was weird. So I subbed it with sausage.

Prior to coming to Poland, for a few days, I had to put my already meager pipelining efforts on the back burner, just to complete my move out of Atlanta on time. Shit always takes longer than you think. But damn if I was going to spend any more time in the Anglosphere than I had to. But now at least, I get to truly follow up on those leads - plus generate new ones through daygame, as well as online.

So what's next? Let's see:
1) Move clothes, etc from luggage to closets, so shit ain't all over the place, and so girls think I live here (usually when I travel, I keep everything out in the open, and not in closets/drawers/etc, so I don't forget things)
2) Consider attending the Roosh World tour in London and/or meeting 20Nation in Tallinn
3) Look into travel/health insurance
4) Look into the personal finance stuff I've been too busy to look at
5) Find a gym
6) Scout the area for logistics
7) Game

P.S. One helpful item I brought from the US is a power strip. That way, you can put any adapter on the end of the power strip, and have multiple US power outlets for your electronics, etc.

Update: I decided not to attend the Roosh tour in London or meet 20Nation in Tallinn. I figure I'll just meet them when it's more convenient/cheaper - no rush.

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