Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Poland Relocation: The Finale - I Decide to Check Out Ukraine

Post 1:
Call this premature after only 9 days, but I'm going to take stock of whether I want to stay in Poland or explore further east.

Pros of Poland:
1) Living here is easy yet cheap. English is widely spoken, and you can find most Western amenities with little to no extra trouble, and usually for less, by Western standards.
2) Girls are definitely a step up from the West - almost all of them are at least cute and pleasant to talk to by Western standards.
3) The Polish visa loophole for Americans makes staying here easy and uncommitted (though I have yet to test it out myself).
4) The Western expats I've met here and PM'd with on the forum seem cool.

Cons of Poland:
1) Are the girls the fabled FSU wife material? No, this isn't the FSU.
2) Will Poland and its women become Westernized? Maybe. But it's obviously more likely to do so than the FSU countries.
3) Certain FSU regions (outside Moscow, such as Ukraine) are cheaper than Poland.

Nothing new above if you're read these forums and Roosh's work. So I see my choices as the following:

1) Stay in Poland, keep approaching, and work long and hard to build yourself up to "King of Warsaw" social circle status: http://www.rooshv.com/the-king-of-warsaw
2) Do the same, but in the FSU, and learn Russian (to eventually get access to the fabled FSU wife material).
3) Go back to the West. Lol! Just kidding. If every Western male was required to spend a few days in Poland, Colombia, or the Philippines (following Roosh's "go where you don't look like a local" advice), the West would more or less be empty of males overnight.

One thing's for sure - as Roosh has said, there really are no shortcuts to getting what you want. But some trade-offs are obviously better for some than for others. Could I have stayed in Atlanta and made more $? Absolutely, though I no longer needed it. And the trade-off, at least for me, was bad women who required a lot of work. And that was unacceptable for me.

You know what? I can only speculate and read about living in the FSU. I won't really know what it's like until I try. I can always come back to Poland like Roosh did. Better to find out now than to regret later. Call it a relatively quick comparison shop if you like. Who knows, maybe the trade-off of less comfort for better women will be acceptable to me in the FSU.

I'll still see Poland through the end of the month, but I'm going to start planning for the FSU now.

Post 2:
Just booked my FSU trip, preceded by a visit to relatives in the UK. Again, won't say where in the FSU until after the trip (or if I decide to stay put), except over PM to repped members. Let's see if I can handle the perceived negative of living there against the perceived positive of hot FSU wife material.

Post 3:
Thanks peterfoo22. I have considered Ukraine, and I might as well reveal that it's the FSU country I'm planning to go to mid-next month. Will reveal the city on PM only to repped members who ask, to prevent possible lurking haters from following me. As I mentioned before, if I want to stay in Ukraine, I'd consider teaching English to get a visa.

On that note, I think this thread has completed the purpose of its title. I can see that if I were to continue pro-actively posting to it, it would be more oriented towards location data-sheets rather than saving/investing/quitting/relocating. I think it'd be best if I posted those location data-sheets separately, adding to those that already exist. I also don't want to feed any narcissism in me, and become the social media attention-whore I despise.

That being said, if questions about saving/investing/quitting/relocating do pop up in replies below, or via PM, I'll gladly answer them.

My reply to another OP's thread asking how to save/invest/quit/relocate provides a great final summary to this thread, and is exactly what I intended: http://www.rooshvforum.com/thread-49034-...pid1064478

Finally, to answer the question, was it worth it for me? As you might guess from previous posts - hell yes. 

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