Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Poland Relocation (from Roosh V Forum)

I decided it would be a good idea to drop the same info I've posted to the Roosh V forum here, in case that forum gets shut down or whatever. I'll break it up so it doesn't end up being one long blog post. Here's the intro:

Inspired by Buddha's Budapest Relocation Journal ( http://www.rooshvforum.com/thread-40423.html ), and also as a way to contribute back to a group that has given me so much, I'm laying out the path I've taken, and plan to take, to relocate to Poland. Some details, such as the place in Poland I'm considering, will be omitted though, due to the possibility of haters lurking on here.

About me: average height, fit (but not jacked), Asian (though Mexicans here in the US think I'm Mexican), early 30s. Similar story to Buddha: blue-pill liberal with an overpriced education working at Fortune 500s who transitioned into the red-pill, starting around three years ago, after two years of blue-pill dating frustration.

Okay, here's where I (hopefully) start adding value (got corporate-speak?).

Part 1: $

I've become location-independent through the boring and slow way - by saving and investing - ever since I started working. Not everyone can do this, nor will everyone want to do this - but if you, for whatever reason, are better suited to a plan simpler (but slower) than, say, starting an on-line business - then you might be able to shamelessly copy what I'm doing.

The key and main difference between my saving and investing and typical saving and investing can be summed up as: the Mr. Money Mustache method. He and others like him have been mentioned on the forum before, but not in great detail, so I'll sum up the method here (the real value-add).

In the first part, his path to retirement is to save 25 times your annual spending, and invest it in low-cost funds that track the S&P 500 and its ex-US equivalent. So, for a monthly budget of $1,500 (what Roosh and others mention is needed for Eastern Europe), you need to save and invest $450,000 ($1,500 x 12 x 25). Once that number is reached, you can live off the returns (so no transition to bonds, unlike typical retirements - he has a post detailing the math about how this is actually quite safe).

Now hopefully $450,000 is a big number for you (unless you're reading this just for fun), but the second, more important, and hopefully uplifting part of the Mr. Money Mustache method, is also the simplest, but the toughest: cut your spending (it's probably harder to increase your earning to the same effect). Just like actually lifting heavy-ass weights for bodybuilding, this is the part about early retirement where the work is done and the quitters quit (sometimes rightfully so).

You'll have to be the judge as to which spending gets cut and which spending is necessary for your short and long-term Game, but start with the big ticket items and move down (in an extreme example, if you're in Poosy Hell where an awesome but expensive pad is useless because there are literally no girls around [Bakken oil field maybe?], you'll have to ask yourself if the awesome pad is worth it).

Be merciless with useless costs though - for example, I drive a boring car that's 10+ years old because it's cheap and my dates never see it (due to my location). In contrast, my typical outfit costs $300, since girls see that (but I only have a few items, and I bought specific styles and colors for multi-season mixing, matching, and long-term durability).

Google Mr. Money Mustache before asking any questions about his method - I only meant to summarize, not copy/paste his blog, which he's been writing for several years, with a post coming out about each week.

I'll add more plan parts (such as why I'm considering Poland) later.

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