Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Poland Relocation: The Game Posts

Post 1:
The cutely shy Polish girl flaked on our date today. Unfriend. Had a feeling it was coming - should've done flake defense ("I'll be 30 minutes late, is that ok?").

Also chatted up one of my other Tinder matches, but got a little too eager when asking her out. Should've offered her two different days as an option, and then radio-silenced if she continued to waffle. Radio silence from her now it seems. Will ping her Sunday evening just for the hell of it. But good in a way to see and report to you guys how much Beta behavior Polish girls will accept. My inadvertent 100% Beta clearly doesn't work!

Oh well. At the least, I'm still definitely getting more leads and more practice than I would've in Atlanta. I always knew I'd still have to put in the work here in Poland. But if girls' phones in Atlanta were like Las Vegas casinos (lights and sounds going off everywhere), mine by comparison was like the Las Vegas desert (look, a tumbleweed!).

Overall, guess I'm too eager to get results NOW since I just got to Poland. Gotta relax - got all the time and leads in the world.

Post 2: 
superschalk Wrote: Of course you can work hard in Poland but realistically getting something better than a 7 is almost impossible if you are not a local with some status.
Pokerbaby Wrote: It's very possible to get something hotter than a 7 in Poland, so long as you're a reasonably good looking foreigner with some game. By far the biggest obstacle I found is that the 8+ rated women usually don't speak any English making the approach nearly impossible. I got lucky and picked up an 8 on my first weekend out in Bialystock (well, she had an 8 face but a petite little body, still pretty good for no social circle and I can't speak Polish).

If I had to reconcile these two views with my own experience, I'd say (like Roosh says) that the city you choose in Poland matters. Bialystok (on the poorer side of Poland) will be different than Warsaw (the richer side of Poland). I'm in one of the richer parts of Poland, so that is probably dragging down my results.

In either case, I did some proper dance club nightgame last night with the guys I met last weekend. Nothing really came of it, though it was a learning experience. To my surprise, coming from the West, the girls usually at worst received me and my basic nightgame neutrally - dehumanizing blowouts were rare. It's almost like Roosh said years ago - being rejected by a Polish girl is better on average than passing the shit-tests of an American girl.

One thing about Polish club nightgame is that caveman dance game is the way to go. It's too loud in the clubs for verbal openers (save for the outside smoking areas - should've brought a lighter like Roosh suggested!). Caveman dance game, from my basic understanding, follows these steps:

1) Before you grab the girl, ensure your mindset - and thus your body language, posture, and frame - is confident alpha.
2) Approach her from the rear, like you're stalking unsuspecting prey. Approaching from the front will trigger the prey's defenses.
3) All in one swift motion: grab her shoulders, spin her around so she faces you, and then bring your hands behind her back so you can pull her close to your body.
4) Some girls will go along with it - grind them and have fun. Some girls will teasingly resist - do some playful push-pull then. Finally, some girls will obviously resist - drop these girls, though there's a case that pseudo-rape game would work (I didn't have the balls to try, though some other guys in the club came close).

It probably didn't help that my friends said there were like ten RSD guys in that club.

You can also combine the above with confidently aloof dancing, if the club is crowded enough. Basically, if you can channel a thugged-out black rapper into your dancing when rap is playing, like I started doing (even with a blazer on), here and there, girls will start dancing near you, possibly since Polish guys don't or can't channel thugged-out black rappers (or maybe I can because I lived in Atlanta). The girls' dancing may "happen" to make them touch you, or they may obviously look at you, but you'll probably get this vibe that they want you to open them. Once you realize this, snipe that shit and run caveman dance game. Like all sniper game, of course, it may take some time for the girls to approach you - and you're not in control of the quality that does, either. This may have also worked for me as I may have looked and acted like a dark and well-dressed Latino rapper / drug-lord (think a darker version of Pitbull with hair).

Post 3:
Did some daygame with the guys yesterday evening. An interesting thing happened:

I think I met a somewhat red-pill woman.

Now let's not get emotional about that. One date does not make for knowing someone. Heck, as is written on these forums, sometimes even a lifetime does not make for knowing someone (such as guys getting cuckolded for decades, or never knowing their LTR's sordid past).

With that out of the way, here's the breakdown: Central European on vacation, 30s (I know, flag), and feminine - long hair, high heels, and well-dressed, showing a slim figure. She was seated when I saw her, so I ran indirect day game to get the number (thanks again Roosh!). Ran textbook text game (wait/ping/acknowledge-stack/logistics probe/pull trigger) to get her out for drinks later that evening, expecting to have to go for the SDL, since she's only here for a week. Then run textbook first date game (public bar for the first venue with nice guy chat, sexual spike on the way to the more intimate second venue, then gradually escalate at the second venue to long kisses).

At the second venue though, she began talking about how girls from her country were becoming unfeminine ("I don't need a man," "Dressing like a 'lady' is stupid," and so forth). She also said it was not good that the men were being told to let the women lead in relationships. I definitely engaged her on this, and carefully contributed some of my thoughts and observations from the US.

To end the story, I escorted her back to where she was staying. Made out in front of her place before leaving. Should I have attempted to complete the SDL? With the degenerate Anglosphere tourist I mentioned earlier, that one didn't deserve any better, but with this one, I say let's find out. Proceed, but with caution. Don't count on her, and approach other girls, but don't count her out yet either.

P.S. To the last post: I know I need to bang her on the next date. Time to plan and scout for that, since I'm new here. 
 Post 4:
In other news, the "red-pill" Central European flaked. Sent a classic and unrelated ping text this morning to check her temperature, and no response. So I knew the chances of a flake just went up. I go anyway, since I figure I'll do some daygame if she flakes, and sure enough, she does. No warning, no nothing. Hours later, she texts something about being sick and forgetting; most importantly, no offer to make it better. Pretty sure she's leaving tomorrow, plus she's "sick," so no hope for even a hate bang either. Next. Kicking myself for not going for the SDDL (same day delay lay - meet her in the day, but too early for an SDL, so get the number and set something up for that evening).

To any "red-pill" ladies lurking on these forums: this is why we will assume you are not red-pill, no matter how much you say it to be so. We will judge you on your actions alone. The only excuse for flaking is something so dramatic that it's incapacitating. In the case of the woman above, clearly she wasn't incapacitated, so she gets next'ed. It's the same as not showing up for a job: do it unannounced, and don't be surprised if you're demoted or fired.

In either case, I took the negative energy from this experience and converted it into something positive: motivation to do daygame. Had a great set with a local Polish dancer - number-closed her. She was so hot that even the normally-timid Polish guys were verbally noticing her. Then, in the next set with a 7, my Yad-stop didn't even stop her. Talk about highs and lows!

One thing that might have helped me in the set with the Polish dancer was that I had my nice sunglasses on until she hooked. This may have helped the switch into rapport after I knew attraction was done.

One question that came to my head as I finished "venting" my energy through daygame was - how do I know when I've done too many approaches - that I'm coming across as a robot? I suppose if the girls react with a robotic no, I'll know I'm done. An interesting problem, since I've never had this much daytime to myself, and with nightgame, it's only on at certain hours and days. 

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