Saturday, February 28, 2015

Five Differences Between Warsaw and the Rest of Poland

I stayed in Warsaw last night as part of my journey back to Atlanta. I noticed some differences between Warsaw and Lublin:

1) Guys and girls seem taller in Warsaw than in Lublin or Poznan. My guess is they are richer, and are thus better fed and able to grow taller.

2) On my way from my hotel near the Warsaw Central train station to the airport, at 4am, I noticed a few people were still walking funny from drinking last night (Saturday night). Wasn't awake in Lublin or Poznan at this hour to compare.

3) The bus from Warsaw Central train station to the airport at 4a was unexpectedly fairly full. Most of them got off at the airport without luggage, so my guess is I caught a bus with a bunch of airport workers.

4) Foreigner value is lower in Warsaw than Poznan or Lublin. I still caught more IOIs in Warsaw than Atlanta, but less than in Poznan or Lublin. My guess is this is correlated with my sight of more foreigners in Warsaw than in Poznan or Lublin.

5) I saw more fat girls, skrillex haircuts, and bad fashion in Warsaw than in Poznan or Lublin. Still better than Atlanta though. I did see a skrillex haircut in Lublin as well.

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