Sunday, September 13, 2015

Applying "The Middle Path" to Choosing a Country for Love Tourism

Unless you're Buddhist, you're probably not familiar with the Buddhist concept of "The Middle Path." In short, before attaining enlightenment, the Buddha experienced two extremes: one as a prince, whose every desire was fulfilled, and another as a monk, who starved himself so much that he was on the path to death. Realizing that neither extreme would get him closer to enlightenment (hard to do that while near-dead, or while permanently preoccupied with hedonism), he decided to take "The Middle Path," carefully striking the necessary balance between the two extremes. Through this, he attained enlightenment.

We can also apply this concept of "The Middle Path" to choosing a country for love tourism. On one hand, we have wealthy countries that enable women's hedonistic tendencies, such as the US and Australia, resulting in said women generally being slutty, fat, and entitled. However, on the other hand, we also have dirt-poor countries that tip women to desperation, such as Ukraine and the Phils, resulting in some of these women becoming pros or semi-pros. Neither of these states is desired. (Obviously NAWALT applies, but averages are more important than outliers.)

Applying the concept of "The Middle Path," we can see that we want countries where the women are not so wealthy as to be predominantly occupied with hedonism, but we also want countries where the women are not so dirt-poor as to be predominantly occupied with materialism. So instead of the US, Australia, Ukraine, or the Phils, we have countries like Poland and Thailand.

Of course, as events unfold, the balance point can change. It can even change within countries, such as Warsaw or Bangkok versus Poznan or Chang Mai. But hopefully this post will save you some time from exploring obvious extremes.

Edit: One other point is that dirt-poor countries also tend to attract weirder expats. These include sex tourists and older and less socially-calibrated guys, none of whom you likely want to hang out with. As the name implies, "Middle Path" countries tend to attract more balanced guys.

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