Sunday, September 20, 2015

It Should Go Without Saying: Avoid Addiction

Some guys say you should embrace hedonism when it comes to women, since you can't have enough sex. Let's think of a parallel to test that.

Let's suppose you embrace hedonism when it comes to food. You eat as much tasty food as you can. As a result, your health slips. Okay, so you've experienced the extreme, and now you know you need to get back to a balanced diet. The problem is, your body and mind are used to your extreme habits. As anyone who's seen the many ads promoting weight-loss products knows, changing these extreme habits is much harder than having balanced habits in the first place. I'm not saying you can't get back to habits that are balanced - I'm just saying it's harder.

Of course, some guys will say that avoiding hedonism when it comes to women is an avoidance weasel. I'd argue that's only true if you avoid women completely. Getting back to the food analogy, you don't go from eating an extremely bad diet to eating nothing; you eat a balanced diet.

And just as a balanced diet contains wholesome foods, a balanced approach to women contains wholesome women. In both cases, you screen out the things that are tasty but ultimately harmful.

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