Sunday, November 1, 2015

Should You Move Your Daygame From K-Selected to r-Selected?

With more daygame experience under my belt, I now think I understand more why the London daygame guys - especially Krauser - advocate r-selected daygame, especially if you want to bang the hottest girls.

The thing with most attractive girls - and especially the hottest girls - is that there's rarely even a moment when her boyfriend slot isn't filled. And let's not forget her backlog of potential replacements, usually well-vetted through her social circle.

The reason for that is that most guys lean towards being beta, or K-selected. This serves them well as contributing members of society, helping them navigate professional circles, as well as social ones. It's usually only when they stumble upon being a little more alpha, or r-selected, that they fall into the boyfriend slot, usually through their social circle.

But as most Game guys have found, there's another slot to be had: the lover.

This slot usually isn't filled with a candidate with the duration of a boyfriend, since most guys aren't alpha or r-selected enough to fill it. Most guys are normal. For more traditional girls, the lover slot may exist only fleetingly - if at all. But, as we all know, feminism is making short work of these traditional girls.

Krauser has some nice detail about the pros and cons of r-selected daygame versus K-selected daygame in Daygame Mastery and his other resources. As I understand it, one is not necessarily easier than the other. With r-selected daygame - sexualized eye contact, body language, voice tonality, etc - you get more blowouts, so you get fewer leads (though the leads are "sexier"). In contrast, with K-selected daygame, you get more numbers, but then you have to stack up against her list of boyfriend requirements, which are always longer than her list of lover requirements.

With r-selected daygame, and especially with the hottest girls, it therefore also stands to reason that if you do bang her, she will have cheated on her boyfriend. I suppose that is the moral price to pay if you want to bang the hottest girls. And if you're a "enjoy the decline" manosphere guy - H/T to Aaron Clarey for writing said entitled book - then my guess is why bother with morals if you're "enjoying the decline" by banging the hottest girls?

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