Friday, November 6, 2015

Lviv, Ukraine: First Impressions

Came here for a few days for several reasons:

1) I needed to do a Polish border run to reset my visa.
2) Because of #1, I figured I might as well scout a new location.
3) It's cheap to get to from Poland.
4) It's close to Poland.
4) It's cheap to stay in.
5) Thanks to the Roosh V Forum, I heard the women were worth it.

Here's what I observed:

1) I get more stares here than in Kiev, but less than in 2nd-tier Poland. About the same as Warsaw.

2) The women are definitely Ukrainian. More heels, legs, and makeup than their Polish counterparts, but less curves. Definitely more brunettes than blondes. Not as many Mediterranean-looking girls as Kiev though.

3) Lots of students relative to the general population. This seems to be the youngest city I've been to.

4) The city seems more conducive to street day game than Kiev is. While most people in Kiev get around using public transit, in Lviv, the city seems small enough - or the public transit is limited enough - that most people walk.

5) The only minorities I saw in any significant numbers were African students. They usually travel in groups.

Overall, the city definitely seems worth spending a month in to figure out.

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