Sunday, October 25, 2015

Game Location Tip: It's About Volume of Young Available Girls, Not Just Volume of People

Quick - if you had to decide to daygame at a busy mall or a sparse but large university, which would you pick?

Most guys I know seem to choose the busy mall over the sparse but large university. In fact, that was me - until today.

What was different about today was that I decided to try my luck and do some daygame at the sparse but large university instead of the busy mall. This was based on the fact that most of my leads are college students, even though most of my approaches - at the busy mall - are not.

What I found at the busy mall was what most of the daygame guys find: malls tend to attract taken girls, and/or older women. In the West, this tends to apply more to high-end malls, but here in Eastern Europe, it seems to apply to malls in general, and not just high-end ones. It may be that outside the West, any mall is high-end.

Distilling that lesson even more, the point is that when choosing a location to Game, it's about the volume of young available girls (preferably walking alone), not just the volume of people.

So don't be fooled when you see a busy mall or street into thinking, "This must be a good place to daygame." Look at the volume of young girls walking alone.

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