Thursday, September 10, 2015

Leipzig Germany Mini Data Sheet

TL;DR - Don't Bang Leipzig.

Came here yesterday afternoon from Kiev and only booked myself two nights, since there wasn't a lot of data about it. I wanted to scout the place before committing to it. After all, I came here based on only a few data points:

1) 20Nation's Boobs by Country Map:
2) Deb's post on Leipzig:
3) The fact that I insta-dated and FB-closed a busty but thin 20-year-old German girl while walking around Frankfurt's Zeil Mall near the end of a early-evening layover.
4) Wikipedia says most foreigners here are Polish or Eastern European, rather than Turkish, unlike many other German cities.
5) A counterpoint: the fact that a number of posters on this forum (including one I met in Kiev) are German. Why would they be on this forum if their own women were good?

Here are my conclusions after walking around central Leipzig for two solid afternoons:

1) German girls are bustier than their Ukrainian counterparts, on average, but at about the same level as their Polish counterparts.
2) Unfortunately, bust is where the similarity between German and Polish girls generally ends. German girls tend to be heavier, neon-hair-colored, and/or frumpy more often than their Polish counterparts.
3) Factually, I already knew Germany was old, having recently surpassed Japan as having the world's lowest birth rate, but walking around Leipzig ... fuck this place is older than Tokyo! Young girls are harder to come by than in Poland or Ukraine.
4) Despite #4 from above generally being true compared to what I saw in Frankfurt, there are still definitely more foreigners in Leipzig than anywhere else I've been in Poland, even Warsaw. Some of them are obviously students though, especially the Chinese.
5) Leipzig generally does badly relative to Poland and Ukraine on the Busted Dudes test ( ), though there aren't that many obviously young couples to begin with (a likely symptom of the world's lowest birth rate).

Based on the above, I've booked myself back to Poland. Kiev was great, but it can wait. As an early 30's guy, I'm actually only just old enough there to date girls in college or younger. And the older guys in the Revo crew didn't seem to have problems there with said girls either (more info on the Revo crew: )

Edit: if you must go, stay in central Leipzig. That's where the foot traffic and date venues are. The train station has a decent mall for daygame, but save it for bad weather, since there's much more foot traffic across the street in the central outdoor shopping area, especially around and west of Leipzig University (which is actually in the shopping area). The Höfe am Brühl indoor mall (also in the central outdoor shopping area) is another bad weather alternative.

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