Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bialystok, Poland: First Impressions

I was going to post this on the Roosh forum, but then I decided to save it as a special treat for my readers. Not going to lie, also didn't want to share it as widely as the Roosh forum enables.

Went to Bialystok for a day. Why?

1) Almost no Game data about it.
2) It only cost me ~$100 and two days.
3) It's in Eastern Poland, which is generally poorer, and thus, cheaper.
4) The proximity to the FSU may mean more FSU influence on the women.
5) Official population is around 300k, so enough to be a 2nd-tier city. Source:
6) This wikitravel quote peaked my daygame interest:

Bialystok is a rather small city in terms of size, considering its big population - it is the second most densely populated city in Poland after Łódź.


While a day is only enough to be a post (not even a mini data sheet), here are my thoughts, in no particular order:
1) There may be a slight FSU influence - maybe a few more heels and skirts than in Gdansk/Sopot - but this is definitely still Poland, and not the FSU.
2) Reactions were a bit more green or red light, rather than yellow light, compared to Gdansk/Sopot. Not as much as in Kiev though, where it's night and day.
3) My foreigner value as an Asian-American brown guy seems higher here than in Gdansk/Sopot. No overt racism here either during the day. Can't speak for the night since I'm not a night gamer, but packs of drunk guys not getting laid are generally the same everywhere.
4) English levels seem on par with Gdansk/Sopot.
5) The girls' bodies are definitely still Polish. I didn't observe  a noticeable shift to the FSU "white Asian girl" body type.
6) The city is noticeably more compact than Gdansk/Sopot. This means more girls walking and thus more day game opportunities. Lipowa Street is where the action seems to be. There's also a large park and two malls within a twenty minute walk.
7) The city itself - at least around Lipowa Street - is quite nice, and quite new. The residents don't seem poor, though the Alfa mall had a bit less traffic for a weekday night than Galeria Baltycka in Gdansk does.
8) Local guys seem to be dating on par with Gdansk/Sopot.
9) My guess is there are less PUAs here, Polish or foreign, since there is no local airport for their thirsty asses to fly into. In contrast, Gdansk/Sopot has plenty of low-cost carrier airline service from all over Europe. This probably also drives the Gdansk/Sopot guys into the hands of RSD, which seems popular among them. Not saying Gdansk/Sopot is sarged out, but once in a while, you will get the eye-roll reaction - because your approach should be as unique as the girl is a special snowflake, after all :p
10) Despite the compactness of the city, the population seems large enough that I didn't run into the same faces on Lipowa Street.

Verdict: More research needed, especially when college starts in October, but the place seems to have unusual day game potential.

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