Sunday, October 18, 2015

Another Reason Why Men Should Go Where They Don't Look Like a Local

Much is made in the manosphere of paternity fraud, where a wife knowingly cheats on her husband, and presents the offspring of this cheating to her husband as his own genetic heritage.

I don't know about you, but I'm not interested in raising any more kids that aren't my own. I already do this through the American tax system anyway, in the form of welfare handouts.

So what's a man to do to stop paternity fraud? Paternity testing kits are one option, but as feminism continues to make inroads, one should expect more countries to follow in France's footsteps, where paternity testing is practically banned.

Here's another solution for men:
1) Go to a country where you don't look like a local.
2) Father children with a local woman.
3) If the children don't have any of your non-local features, you know the children aren't yours.

Obviously, this solution works best if you're practically the only non-local that the local woman has access to.

If the above was too cerebral for you, here's a reverse application of the above, in a trashy talk show. (TL;DV - fat white woman claims fat white man is the father of her half-black kids; DNA test proves the obvious, that she's wrong)

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