Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Medellin, Colombia: My Preconceptions

I've been delaying checking out Medellin (and Colombia in general) for almost a month now. However, I've decided I need to visit it anyway, either to confirm or deny my preconceptions. Let me record them here now, so that I can check them after my visit:

1) My look is not exotic there, and may in fact be looked down upon, especially by the whiter girls.
When mguy (or 3wh or ThirdWorldHero) went to Bogota, he found that the men more or less looked like him - and he's a Filipino-American, which I easily pass for:

This runs directly contrary to Roosh's number one tip, which is to go places where you DON'T look like the local men:

Also, years ago, when I walked around Santiago, Chile, I don't recall getting blatant IOIs like I did in Poznan, Poland.

2) Gringos have overrun the place.
Multiple sources online indicate this, so this will also reduce my foreigner bonus. The same sources suggest that Pereira, Colombia hasn't been overrun, but they also suggest it's unlivable for the long-term, due to its small size and higher robbery rates.

I should note that I'm not too worried about safety in Medellin. Obviously don't do anything stupid, but should be fine.

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