Sunday, January 17, 2016

Why Women Like Drama

From commenter YaReally at

"Personally I think that in the old days a chick had a baby at an early enough age to fulfill her need for crazy emotional impact drama to keep her happy and not craving it, but these days since they don’t want kids till they’re 30+ they fill that voice with the cock carousel, cats, Eat Pray Love adventures, hundreds of hours of Netflix (shows/movies full of emotional ups and downs), fucking guys like me, etc."


Now it makes sense why women need some drama! It's part of their desire for children!


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  2. Women like drama, because by creating it they can get attention. Women create drama to test your love. It's fucked up but that is the way they think. Cause a problem and see how he responds. Men in the work force cause drama. They do everything in fire-fighting mode. They love the attention of the urgency.