Sunday, August 23, 2015

To My White Buddies in the US

I'm not going to tell this to your faces, but ...

You know how some of you wanted me to stay in the US or come back?

I'm going to tell you right now that you guys are contradicting yourselves.

When you made jokes or subtly implied that Asians such as myself were lower on the American dating totem pole than you were, likely in an effort to boost your own egos, did you think I was going to stick around?

Did you relish telling me something I already knew through my own substandard experiences?

Did you think I was happy being your loser clown?

Did you enjoy laughing behind my back while I worked twice as hard and only got half your results?

Did you enjoy laughing at my plan to go abroad as my method of adapting to a bad situation?

No, I won't be that guy anymore. And now, you have to go find someone else to look down on. Sucks for you.

In the meantime, I'm going to help all the other guys I can escape similar situations. And yes, most of them have been Asian. Because we're tired of being your clowns.

Also, please enjoy the decline of your Western civilization. You can escape too, but unlike us, the egos you inflated by looking down on us won't let you escape a plainly bad situation for an obviously better one abroad.

Unlike us, you still think you have something to lose.

So in a way, thank you for looking down on us. You've actually driven us to escape, while locking yourselves in so you don't compete with us abroad.

You get what you deserve. The future is our time.

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